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Like that even during our darkest nights so all the girls watching here now to know. But i've been you know we've only been open three days. But i've been struck by how popular that exhibit is and people young and old are so excited to use a teleprompter and give one of those speeches and we we show the techniques people can actually read as if they're barack obama giving his speech or whatever and we have barack obama giving His two thousand four nominating speech at the democratic national convention. I was actually there for that. So you know how moving it was. There's no black americans. There is no white america. There's no red or blue it's purple. Yeah some of my journalistic colleagues. Who's people you would now. And i looked at each other when oh my god what did we just say yeah. I'm sure we'll all of his oratory in his race speech was really powerful to An fdr's of you know day that will live in infamy. Did you take any effort to make sure that you had women's speeches and women's writings particularly how did you go about choosing that. The hong museum is well our one of our core values inclusivity so everything in every gallery. We i can't say that we said okay. There's you know twenty five men so there will be twenty five women you know reading writing poetry or whatever but We have a lens through which we vetted every single Gallery and experience in the museum and that is really gender neutrality diversity of all types subject matter author speaker so it was always at the top of our list of what. Check off you know. Is this going to make it in the museum or get left on the cutting room floor. The proverbial cutting room floor. Up why i would love to be there for that conversation. It was months and months. I'm sure and it was probably really difficult. Because there's so much great material. I'm you've got maya angelou. From obama's inauguration all the way to malala yussef cetera and every age. I wish we were doing some video. Her face is just so. You're so lighting up. I mean you're you're just start your passion is just glorious and it's really fun to see people doing work that they have such passion for. I just had to say that it's true erie ear so talk about the ways that people can come here and get an appreciation. Maybe for their own ability to use language. Well there's nothing that would say that's right or wrong..

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