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Brian williams all these guys when you meet him like lie life of the party and i'm like aren't you supposed to be an objective journey like i feel like they're wise. Guys you know. Do you think characterized right. And we're not very methodically taking the hop off when he's listening drinking and pay attention character. Who's just letting my story bomb or anything just putting screen the cap different from what was it again. But i do want to say about you and sue you guys. Were i call her sue. No calls are sue. You don't call her. Sue i'll type. I'll go sous sous. You guys were doing this. You'll you you would say every piece of food. You would see she would go. I like my women like like my almonds. You can say whatever you told you. Why can't we do that brown and in a bowl like whatever it. Was you crack shudder up. It was you who in the corner like cracking each other up at the buffet so mad. Because like i felt that i felt that in your relationships to be fun like cracking each other up like that's what friendships are. And then i was in such a crazy bad relationship. And then i fuck it. Sucked up like my. You ruined my life. i'm sorry well. Luckily there was only one bed relationship. You had only been out of a smooth. Yeah well i'm sorry. But i'm glad i'm glad that looked like we were creatively fun But we're real friends. We are friends. i. I've always respected you as a producer and a writer and a comic and i also admire your your energy and your ambition. Your very ambitious and All things that make a difficult relationship nightmare to know. But i'm so grateful to you because you have been like it's tricky. It's like you're so much wildly more successful and you're a legend and but you never let people feel like they're beneath you..

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