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Deal strategy effect company alignment. I would think of this one. Let me. Turn this around bit. I to me. Deal strategy has got to be an extension of the overall company strategy so I think we discussed this little. Earlier in conversation I think it's essential to understand when you're developing your deal strategy both your general Aminat- strategy, and then your strategy for specific deal is you know is. Does this meet the overall? Corporate Company. Strategy M A just a tool to achieving that broader. Strategy it's ultimately you know critical to achieve any the deal success because you're deal can and and will be judged and should be judged in the context of your company's strategic. Objectives and goals and so to answer your question, maybe if you're her deal, strategies well aligned with your corporate strategy, then alignment between your deal strategy, and the other aspects of Your Business and the groups within your company should be. It should take care of itself. And on the flip side of your strategy. Is mismatched with your corporate strategy. They're going to be challenges in getting that deal done, and maybe in a generic sense that particular deal shouldn't get done. So there should be alignment just in general between the company's overall strategy with the specific deal strategy to make sure we get the best outcome. Yeah I. think that's the starting point I think that's the starting point. When you're developing the strategy, it's got to be extremely well. It's got to be alive, not extremely like it. Just period has to be aligned with the overall corporate strategy. Russ I'm probably going to skip like some of the integration stuff because we're like got plenty of continuity. Just WanNa. Make sure you got. You got whatever you want to the. This a whole nother interview talking lining. Corp Integration and we talked about some that we I I I. Try to you as you've probably noticed. Integration to me is is I. think it comes from You might recall from our prior discussion I I lead the integration function at sap for a couple of years, and that experience was invaluable to me so now these integration aspects or kind of injected. Throughout the deal process for me, and and you know throughout the like the due diligence process for example like. Learning in planning is happening. Those stages and I didn't do as well a job at that before i. You know had some. Direct involvement and immigration, but I I you know I saw the light and I think it's incredibly important so I tried to weave that in a lot of what we talking about in the. You know maybe the core when you think of as Koru. Function well and that's why I think. This interview complements the one. I recently did with Menje. WHO's access go guy. That stood up integration sort of function at as islands. So that, and that's why I'm curious, even putting you together on on some kind of just like a small little sort of fireside or panel type of discussion to talk about that so that we got both US coming at it. You obviously had immigration experience, too, but you know that's kind of his more sort. Told background to enter well. Let Up, let me ask you this. What's The craziest thing? You've seen an ma well. In twenty years of doing banana come across a lot of things that I would consider be pretty crazy, and and those include discoveries and diligence and crazy requests are arguments that are being made and. Of course of negotiations I might be tricky for me to..

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