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Gating the disappearance of her mother, You Doria, played by Helena Bonham Carter and Bradley. You'll be glad to know that Henry Campbell is appearing in this major love. He plays Sherlock Holmes himself and no homes. Debuts on Netflix on September 23rd. I'm all here for this actually looks really cute. I didn't really have an interest in watching this, but that Millie Bobby Brown, she can act. She is a pro. She is a professional backdoor. And on an update from the world of Classic music. J. Osmond revealed that he had a mini stroke and share the news but didn't want to alarm anybody. So he shared this on Facebook. And he said I A couple of months ago, I came really close to a stroke. BP over 200. They said. I had a mini stroke. J. Azman, one of the members of the family ban, the Osman. Well, I'm glad to know that he is fine. And that would be very, very scary. Yes, Very scary. Mini stroke, Major stroke. Any kind of stroke, No stroke. Thank you. No, thank you. Now over on John Travolta's Instagram account. Now we're low. We're currently looking for John Travolta in the twin cities. So let's go and creep on social media and see if there's any indication that he happens to be in the twin cities now. He didn't share a sweet tribute to his late wife, Kelly Preston l end with his daughter, Ella. They're dancing in a bar, he said. One of Kelly's favorite things dancing with me, and it's very sweet. Now it does not look like they're anywhere in the twin cities. But it is a very touching tributes and John's rule to just dancing like he does because he stands and if anybody knows why he was actually in the twin cities because one of our listeners friends spotted him Perkins Monday morning at 3:45 A.m.. Yes, but it's no drop us a line. We'd love to hear from you. That's all.

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