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San diego. This is CBS news on the hour. Sponsored by ZipRecruiter. I'm Deborah Rodriguez. He made his announcement an hour ago. New Jersey Senator Corey Booker is joining the crowded field of Democrats entering the race for the twenty twenty presidential nomination. I grew up knowing that the only way we can make change is when people come together politico reporter Daniel Lipman says which people he'll try to bring together is the big question. See one of those far left candidates talking about Medicare for all. Or is he going to take a more centrist approach that is going to be pragmatic and get Trump voters? Book Booker is the fifth official democratic candidate three others have formed exploratory committees a new report from the Pentagon show sex assaults at three prestigious military academy. Spikes fifty percent in the past school year congresswoman, Jackie speier, chairs the house subcommittee on military personnel. We're graduating individuals that don't recognize. The zero tolerance for sexual assault and sexual harassment that we have a huge problem that is only going to continue to plague the military. The air force academy tells CBS it's worked diligently to create new programs and adjust existing wants to better serve cadets. The Trump administration is ready to announce its withdrawing from the I n f treaty the centerpiece for superpower arms control since the Cold War. CBS is Christina Rufina, the US alleges that Russia has deployed a new type of cruise missile that it says violates the agreement. Russia says the us is using it as an excuse to cry noncompliance and pull out of an accord. The Trump administration wanted to leave in the first place Atlanta-bound, but don't have a pass for the big game a word or two to the wise from correspondent Steve Futterman. If you are hoping to buy a Super Bowl ticket, be careful. No matter how real the tickets may look a fake ticket will not get you into the game. Michael buckwald is with the NFL. How easy is it to print a fake? Ticket nutty says cut your blunt ski of the ticket selling website stuff. It's tougher to counterfeit a Super Bowl ticket then a twenty dollar Bill hologram. There's heat sensor. Everything else is still if history is any indication, it's likely there will be some people turned away on Sunday because they have fake tickets. January's jobs report comes out in half an hour. CBS news business analyst, Jill Schlesinger says it won't give a complete picture of the effects of the long government shutdown will be several more months before we get a really clear understanding of the actual impact of the shutdown on the labor market. And whether it created a temporary blip or more long lasting trend s and p futures are down five Dow futures are off fifteen this is CBS news..

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