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It's like a monster. At that time. I mean, he was six four six five it which looked like Charles David clearly the biggest guy on the ice the toughest guy and also had elite offensive skills. I I would go with or the French way. Way to you. Canadians canadian. Yes, is that way? That's the French smelling. Yep. Exactly. And then goal I make a case for for Hossack. You can also make a case for Ken Dryden. I'm the only one six cops in eight years. But again, he played with he had the team the team that Canadians team in the seventies had half. They're team were hall of famers future hall of famers. In fact, they ruined my childhood because they want like the Cup every year and the Bruins were really good. And the Canadians always beat them. You couldn't beat the Canadians. I still maintain the seventy five through seventy nine Canadians. The greatest team I've ever seen in any sport for a four year period. They never went to a seventh game, and they went four straight Stanley Cups. Very cool. Uniforms, maybe the second best uniforms in hockey, buying the Blackhawks the Bruins like the Bruins ruins. I've always liked their logo the most in professional sport right now. It is a cool logo. Absolutely. I wanted to end the show today because you did a great having you here in the last three days. Thanks. I really enjoyed. We're going to have you in from time to time. I know next week. Come in for even the second hour of the show one of the days out and check some places out here because we like to eat last night. We went out to Jimmy stare house up in Saugus, which is one of my favorite restaurants because great prime rib. Great deal there. You get a prime rib. I got the rice with the spinach, which is to die for and then a salad, and it's reasonably priced in the food's great. We we ordered up to bigger prime rib than at broken glass, and they didn't. Absolutely. Yeah. Pretty cool. Right. And I like seventeen diet cokes and all that stuff in it. It worked out well prime rib yet twenty two ounce prime rib pretty good. So we we enjoy that. But I kinda wanted an things this week. You love golf in fact last night, you're watching golf on on the screen Gary woodland, the can't former Kansas university Kansas player who's a huge Kansas basketball fan of good friend who builds from. So you like so you get out to golf a lot. I mean, obviously, not now moving here in January. Yeah. In the summer. I do. Yeah. Yeah. A couple of times a week few times a week in. Played a used to be just playing these scrambles play a few times a year. And I was just got off. My father was a good golfer. My grandfather was a good golfer. They chat a hole in one. And they both my father shot a seventy five when he had his whole in one. My grandfather shot I think seventy six when he had his own one. I was having a particularly bad day in nineteen ninety seven and I cooked another tee shot on a par three. And it looked like it was going into the woods, except it hit the Bank and took a right turn was raised about one hundred fifty miles an hour on the upper tier, and it's slam the stick really hard and dropped in turn the three women. I was playing with counts. Right. It was that data shot. That's great. And the whole before that I said one of the ladies said. Gee, I hope we can get the rounding looks like starting to get dark already. Would we need to play next? Holy. So you can see me get a hold on. Have you had one? I said, no, my father, my grandfather. And then I had one now again, my grandfather shot seventy six my father seventy five when they had their whole shoot. I'm gonna let you have one guess ninety eight hundred and eleven while and it was on August eleventh. There were six you did ones. You're lucky you got all in one that would have been six or whatever trae normal five. It would. Yeah. It would have been a one fifteen at one fifteen one four good. But then that got me hooked on golf. Once you do that. I played for one summer. I was got off. We would play only nine holes because I'd like lose interest after nine holes in one time I shot a fifty which would translate to one hundred. I said that's as good as I'm going to get. I had a temper on the golf course as also drinking back then. So I was like not this. I'm not good at this. I love. Yes. I rather play tennis. It's more of a war. Ten much much more fun for me. I like the sport better. But as a sports writer, you know, you run into a lot of different people ought to great stories. And, you know, just talk about some of the different celebrities, athletes coaches, whatever it may be that you've played golf with Bill self is someone that you covered for several years out of Kansas. I played with him once and then six holes in scramble, but the one time I played with him. He hits the ball longer than three hundred yards is good athlete. He was a starting point card guy right days. But. Six three big go big guy, not heavy, but a big guy really crushes the ball cross-handed putter, which I don't like. But there are some guys on tour who do it? But a good putter and an intense competitor. He ever walked away from coaching. It would be to go on the golf course loves it that much I think he would love it that much, but he to into his job to play that much in when he plays the only place the best courses in the world pretty much because Kansas alums will say, hey, do you wanna come up and play Bandon dunes in Oregon? Do you want to come here and play this pine hills? And you know, in you know, whatever courses he plays just about other than his home course are all time great courses in just a great guy to play golf with. That's the most important thing. Yeah. I had some friends that I after playing with them like six or seven times like I don't wanna go out these guys again. And then the other guys that were they knew I wasn't very good. They were better than I was. And they would still encourage me other guys would be like, oh my God this. I'm like, okay. I got that good so deal with it. That's why I stopped going out there. Because if we play tennis I'd whipped their butts off, but tennis is frustrating because you're playing against someone who's golf you playing against the course, which a different type of frustration absolutely fell in the great thing about golf is you walk off the green and the eighteenth hole. No matter whether you had a great day or an awful day, you're convinced and you really believe it that the next time you play you're going to play better. Oh, absolutely. Yeah. So that's what makes it cool. I played with emails cabal and a scramble Cabello Astro. Wow. Yeah. And he was came up in the Orioles organization. So I had seen him play in Rochester. So that was cool to play golfer. I don't remember being great. But a great guy just a super guy his brother-in-law's Eddie Murray. I don't think Eddie golfs, but I got to know Eddie. Yeah. Yeah. Definitely a great great baseball player mental age is what did it for him? There were more impressive physical talents. But mentally nobody was better than it's kind of a serious guy. Yeah. Right. Yeah. Introverted guy, very introverted. And I think I liked him. I as some of the media didn't understand. Yeah. Kinda thought he was standoffish. But there's a difference between just being introverted. Right. You know, standoff I happen to like him. Yeah. And then I played with Kurt bevaqua want. And he wouldn't remember. But years later when everybody does one thing well in life, right? I eat that's my thing. Or when I drank drank. Well, mine is. Or not. So well. And the people around me having so much. So I can put five or six pieces of bubble gum in and blow gigantic bubbles that can cover up my entire huge. Can you is this because this is pretty cool. Well, I what I did do was I took a selfie of it and posted it on Kirpa vodkas page because he was the bubble gum blowing champion baseball. In jogo airs Yola would always make a big deal out of it on TV and provocative very impressed and said we should have a challenge a challenge to see who can blow a bigger bubble. So that was the ultimate cap met there. I thought that ever happened. It hasn't happened yet. And despite what timing Lasorda said about him. He couldn't hit flutter if he fell out of a boat. He was much better hitter in the major leagues that I was in the in in the little leagues. Okay. But the only time I played with three times I have played with PGA tour. Golfers one was Chris DeMarco, and it was in the Buick Classic. When I was doing radio in the early two thousand hadn't played in a while. I probably shot one forty five or something on a impossible. Course was that those intimidating because I was bad. You're also playing with right. Great golfer, one of the twenty five best golf world. But the thing is let's say I had my best round ever, which was an eighty. It's not like that's going to impress him. One forty five. It is. I mean, it was embarrassing is what was missing. So this is like Jim Carrey in the cable guy. Yes. He was approachable. But. He talked a lot about as material possessions about a boat. This any told there was a Buick rep plane with us, and he told him I once won a Buick such and such whatever the brand was or the model for making a home run in this tournament. But look excellent years. What does the young guy like me with that car? So rude. Yes. And he took the he told me took the money then I played with Billy Android who. I believe is from New England, right? Yes. Rhode Island neighbor. Yup. Rhode island. Maybe the nicest, and he wouldn't remember play with me. I hope not anyway 'cause I was in the thirty s getting better. But try play one of their coach was I mean, it's impossible. Joe shoot a two hundred. Yeah, I'd probably start on clubs into the water. They think every Balesteros at that point. And he was just as nice a guy is you could possibly imagine. So I'll always be grateful to Billy Android for not laughing. Yeah. That was horrible. Well, you know, the thing is it. But let's say that they came on radio, and we do radio in the not good at it. At some point. You kind of looking maybe look at each other and say, well, this guy's not very good on radio. But you're not going to belittle them in front of them. Right. Unless you want to go in that direction, and you wanna be Howard Stern and go there doesn't generally happen. In sports, you know, generally kind of put up with someone and try to prod them along the right say some things who's the third person..

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