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Podcast with Don la- Greco. At welcome to the Friday edition of game is conduct. I am Don Greco we are coming to you from Little Caesars arena in Detroit. Gotta tell you. I'm standing here in the press box. We're going to call the game later on tonight on ninety eight seventy SPN New York, and I feel like I'm in the bell centre. And I went to Detroit a couple of years ago and went to commerical park where they had a virtual tour of the Little Caesars arena that had yet to be built. And they said they were gonna fashion it off the bell centre. They said they talked to officials and coaches and players what was the most difficult place to play in the NHL in the majority of those people interviewed said that it was the bell centre. So they have structured it pretty much the same. Although I think it's a lot bigger as far as how it looks outside in the concourses, and certainly the bowels of the place that I walked into early little earlier this afternoon seems a lot bigger than the bell centre. But as far as being in the arenas concern, you've got the steep staircase. So even the last seat in the house is close to the ice. We. We are on a gondola here, which is similar to the bridge level at Madison Square Garden where you're not overhanging the ice, but you're darn close. So even the view from calling the game for the television radio booths are very similar to the bell centre. So very excited to be here for the first time the call the game later on tonight against two pretty hot teams, the devils. Excuse me, the Rangers of won four straight. The Red Wings won four their last five after both teams got off this difficult starts. So we'll see we're going to have later on tonight. We'll get to that in just a bit. But a lot of games to go over last night and a lot of controversy. I guess we'll start an Ottawa. They guess wins over the senators by the final score of five to three the senators were completely outplayed in this game. And they fought back and they tied at three. But then carry a scores the game winning goal four three and it comes with some controversy a little bit later on when Vegas makes it five three on the Belmar goal where it looked to the naked eye the carrier. It interfered with the goaltender and this is always going to be a major bone of contention for NHL coaches, Gabe, of course, challenged at the right thing to do the goal stands. He said after the game. He just doesn't know what goaltender Fearance is anymore. And I think part of the problem is is the explanation from the league. And and just what you your personal experiences dealing with it now covering the Rangers. We've had similar situations where there has been. Been no goaltender interference. When the contact came outside the crease, so knowing that for me and having experienced that calling games and broadcasting games when I saw the interference by carry a I assumed from my own personal experience covering the sport. That was a goal that was gonna stand McGee Boucher maybe saw at a different way. But from the letter of the law, the contact seemed to happen outside of the crease the goal stands now. Obviously if you keep it for three it's a completely different situation. Maybe out of what comes back and they tied the game. But Vegas does get the win. They had forty two shots on goal. They were the better team anyway, but I can understand the Ottawa Senators frustration so yet that to deal with Vancouver is beginning to emerge as the biggest surprise. We can talk about Montreal Ottawa. There's a couple of teams we didn't have any expectations around. But then couvert is living up to those expectations little later on. I'll give you my top five of the week to see a Ben Cooper cracked the top five and eight to five win. Over the Boston Bruins and the hits just keep on coming. But here's an eight goal performance for the Canucks. And it wasn't about Pederson. The eventual I believe rookie of the year had one point it came off at an assist, but the big point producer in the game..

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