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Yeah, exactly. None of them eight hundred. So there's an S there's a place called Estermann Toyota here in, in Miami. And they call they have a like this sort of aging, Latin pop star, whose name I can't remember right now. And she sings a song Esat about an internationales Internationaux mall, which is. Spanish for estimate international, right next to international. She said about international big little international. Do you people talking about musicians selling out there, talking about that or that's like? Begrudge them. That's the black keys move. That's the black keys to an order of power so much smaller than the black keys were instead of like, you know, the New York instead of the NBA finals. It's instead of this long. You don't funny is. Eh constantly laugh at the music that marketing people think that should be playing on NBA finals and super bowl's, like the theme music that they pick, there was a period, where felt like four years in a row, they pitched they picked matchbox twenty to be the NBA final song. And so it would be like LeBron James dunking over, you know. Hub brakes. Yeah. Well, this is our heart breaks, what? Yes. So Email us at bird road and all points, west dot net. You can send us voice mail not going to answer this call it. That's not gonna happen. But what you can do is call us at area code three oh, five seven nine two eight nine seven one. Maybe we'll play your shit on the next episode because we're shameless whores looking for easy content. What's going on over piecing it together? Dave. Well, we just posted a full episode on rocket man, that followed up that special mini that I do my parents. And we're about to do an episode on Godzilla which was pretty awful. But it'll be fun episode. I'm sure you do. No, not not very much. It was it was. All right. It's actually be one of our two co host episodes, where I've got both Chad. Clinton Freeman, and Ryan Darty on the show and Ryan loved it. Chad hated it. And I fall somewhere in the middle. So I think that that's going to make for, you know, pretty fun. Conversation, your knowingly falling in the middle on a lot of these movies lately. It seems like you're just like I like it, it is what it is good for them kind of movie it is, is, like your universal take that you have everything always that way. And it should be stated that I am not always that way. But it has been happening a lot lately. And I think that speaks to the year we've been having, I guess it's just really hasn't been as good of a year as the last couple of years, because last couple years, I've I was going crazy for a lot of movies this year. A little more temperate, I don't know. You see on each they have would you recommend that I watch a star is born is love and seeing it just came out on each last night. Hell, yeah. Okay. The of spiking, eight movie movies that you. Were high on last year. Oh, yes. Really? Good movie. So, yeah, the other thing that we have going on is June nineteenth Wednesday June nineteenth a live show in Miami. Little Havana life house check. Check out the Facebook, the Facebook invite you can see it again, on burrowed, podcast dot com. We have a link to the to the Facebook invite hope to see all their we're gonna have myself not use. Dave instead, it's going to be fortunately, the minute times, Jerry Nellie, it's going to be co hosting with me and talking about how Miami's probably probably going to be done pretty soon. On a global scale. So be there, Dave, what kind of shit do? You wanna talk about today? What is the what is what is going on in the world? I'm about to open up Twitter to try to find some coughing. So talk about well, you know, it is actually e three week this week. So are you going to get the console when it comes out the what somebody just announced the new console which one of Microsoft said, yeah, they haven't actually announced, like, what it did. They just announce all the details of what it's going to be, like, I honestly I it's gonna take a lot for Microsoft to get me excited about a video game system again. I I've gotten pretty hard coord- intendo all the way at this point. I don't play any of my other systems but I will be glued to my phone watching all of the news things that come out of e three because I'm fucking nerd, and I always do every year. But yeah there's a video game related story that we're gonna talk about. About electron electric arts with their popular. Multiplayer wargame battlefield five. They are changing the name of a Nazi in it. Because the, the name belong to a real life resistance fighter, and a real guy like not Antiga into. not like vegan antifa in Portland. You know, standing in front of buses and getting beat up by proud, boys antifa. Yeah. But like a real legit fighter. Yeah. And I love that they're claiming he's just German, not a not, so he's just a very domineering German person dressed exactly like Nazis dressed. Perpetrating mass extinctions. I love that, that this is this is what games are now I was just I mean, this doesn't have to do with battlefield five specifically, but I was just playing mortal Kombat mortal combat eleven which is frigging great and the story mode. And one of the characters says fuck and I'm like why? Characters need this. And now we have like hardcore Nazi real-life Nazis and tell you that they're cool. When occurs isn't curse words is what the fuck man who says that this can say that I feel like Johnny cage, you're close, basically, the same character mortal Mortal Kombat combat. damn what, what a what a cardinal sin. I just made to your people gamers. Yeah. That was ridiculous. Cut that part out. I love I love this name, though will him will him from. Reminds me. Ronca. You be forgiven for Suming that a guy who lived in the thirties in Germany named vill franca was a Nazi, like, do we have time in our days to just sit around googling everything and reading everywhere, competive age? You tell me, I'm going to create a video game character based off of a nineteen thirties person. Don't qualify it at all. Just sit person who lived in Germany, the thirties and forties. Yeah, I'm not going to I'm not going to doubt it when you make him a Nazi like you know what I would love to do is go back in time machine and try to explain Ronca no try to explain to this guy that you can buy his likeness in video game for ten dollars worth of virtual money idea that was a skit that I wanted to do at the top. Really? Yeah. It was gonna be this. I can't believe you said that because I didn't write it down anywhere. And I didn't bother to actually write the skit put the skit that I wanted to do and one day, we will get back to doing skits. I promise, but the skit I wanted to do was, you are the time traveler, I can't believe you just said, that, that's insane your the time, traveller you come back and I'm. Him franck. And you're just like it just goes down a rabbit hole of you trying to explain things to me. And there's just there's no point of reference for somebody from the nineteen thirty grab onto, and I'm just like this. And no video game. It's like you put it on television. And you watch it on television of these television beams. It moving images into your home, and you pay a subscription to a cable company, Vaas's this just keep going. I was having some trouble with the ending, but I was going to be like, basically, I was gonna make it where it's like, you know, you're explaining the concept of, like modern day antifa and proud boys. And you know where we're the, the Neo Nazi movement has turned into the neo-nazi movement in the United States. And he was just going to be like, please just leave me here today. Wants to see this not the this. To. No. I don't think you understand because of the language barrier. I understand. But. Perfectly, please who allowed me that the turned Russian they're through. Do that with my Germans, I make them a little Russian after a little while. But. Yeah, that was the skit guys. So what have been good good? So many jokes that were in my mind that I didn't actually, right? What else is going on? Oh man. What else is going on? Food. There's this one story about a Jay Inslee talk about this. Yeah. Yeah. He is. He's. Residencel hopeful, and but more tenuous a grasp. You have on a story, though. More your voice sounds like it's in a hurricane like it's trying to cut through like you're like a mouse, trying to cut through a tornado strength wind. Jay Inslee is a man. Actually taking refuge now. There's a climate scroll down this article I actually scrolled back up while I was introducing it to make sure still reading the same article so there's. This. Did I think it read reloaded to a different? What do you call that continuous girl where it just goes to the next article like Newsweek, or whatever? Just like the new plan mentions national security. I still talking about this shit the fuck I thought this was about. Refugees or some. So a little bit from the article that we wanted to talk about Inslee, we mentioned this because Jane's, of course, is from Washington state, he's the governor, and one of the, like thirty different guys. Who's thirty different generic white politician guys pulling in between zero and one percent for the white for, for presidential primary. And I mean, I do appreciate a lot of Jane's policies and a lot of the direction that he wants to go in and he takes a big approach like not unlike a lot of the criticism, that people like Bernie AO, get is that the ideas are so big, and they're asking a lot like they're saying they're making, they're making a whole smorgasbord of enormous changes that need to be not just not just done, but, like initially considered which is why they get shit because it's oh well, where's the details. In this policy, the green new deal where it's like, well we're not really very yet. We need to start a green on things first, and then figuring out how will actually attain them and getting things started getting the conversation. Let's all just agree and get on the same page that solar is good. Right. And then when we're all there, and we've set up the circumstances by which solar can. Thrive taking down a lot of the artifice app. Up taken down a lot of the artificial competitive barriers that has against the fossil fuel industry. Then, like, yeah. Okay. Then we'll get into this Pacific of the policy..

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