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The aviation industry about what really happened with your running airliner and how in the world anyone could ever believe it wasn't shot down by the Iranians because you might recall in the beginning that they said somehow it was an engine that caught on fire and it turned a certain way was it which was a bunch of bovines could tala G. but it let's go back to something I said earlier about Ben Rhodes who is now making his chops on CNN or MSNBC and that is Ben Rhodes admitted that they had a lie about the Iranian deal to get it more palatable to the Democrats into the Republicans and there was no really congressional vote whatsoever to get it done at all but then ordered to get it to a palatable to Democrats into the media makers in the country they had a lie about the use of the money and so when John Kerry sat it in twenty sixteen and said it again this morning on to face the nation that that he and Obama both knew that a portion of part of chunk of the one point seven billion dollars in the dead of the night the lever to Tehran would be used to fund terror why isn't that one of the biggest deals in the world right now what was the last time the American government provided the money provided the injury materials to hurt American soldiers in the field and it not being a big deal similar what Jonathan Gruber said to get obamacare passed by one vote in the Senate they had a lie and tell the average American your premiums are going to go down you have the same coverage like your doctor keep your doctor like your plan keep your plan that's a big deal to take away your health care which the Democrats did and Jonathan Gruber and made it a year or two later that they had a lot about that otherwise a good got a past the lying allegedly by trump involves whether it's for embassies five embassies what is the meaning of the word imminent what what is that the media fixate on that because the policies are actually working therefore you have to concern yourself with the language of the press release but when the government takes away your health care and the architect Jonathan Gruber admits that Obama knew he was lying to you when he took away your health care it's not a big deal it would ban Roach is getting paid now is a paid liar for either CNN or MSNBC that we had a lie about the Iranian deal in order to make it more palatable to Democrats and secretary state John Kerry and president Obama knew when that money is what when the monies were delivered and other sanctions are taken off that a chunk of the money would be used to kill American soldiers it's not a big deal not according to the mainstream media court most of the websites haven't mentions none of that is not a big deal at all because it makes the Democrats look bad and by comparison makes trump look pretty good the policies work the press releases may not be the best the background briefings to the media may not be the best Jennifer Grisham is not holding his many press secretary availabilities as others have done she is under fire for that but trump is more accessible himself than any president in American history he's always speaking to the press does a pretty damn good job I think too don't you imagine if trump received equal media coverage compared to what a bomber received right now I'd be about seventy five percent everything would drop the should be up is up everything is should be down is down so you can't deal with the success of the policies you have to deal with the words of the verbiage in the press release and have the media badger individuals like mark asper or my time pale or others as to explain why the president said it was the embassies how many were involved how can the Democrats weren't told that a couple useful idiots and and the Republican Party like Mike Lee of Utah shows up to attack the president for not giving a full briefing how about dealing with the success of the policy accounts a lot more than the press release would you agree and if you have a son or daughter a husband or a wife a mom or dad serving in uniform right now would you rather have rock Hussein Obama is the commander J. for John Donald John trump there's a new sheriff in town in.

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