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No, we didn't do anything but the. It is technically over now as we start if right after midnight. So so it it is actually. Okay, and for myself find said a lot of time with my children last couple of days, which is tricky because Nicole is working a lot of double duty to do my kids started zoom school, which is taxing, and also you know used to be my children used to go to school and I would have time to get get things done. Now I, have more time of just you. Standing over my kids stare into an IPAD try to help they're paying attention. So I have that going on also so it's been it's been a busy stretch. Feel like. You know I've been better. Oh. Wow. Usually sometimes you're up I'm down but now I'm up in your down one day one one week we'll both be into it and that'll be great. Yeah. Okay. All right but I couldn't be more excited for this. Okay. Yeah. This is light lifting principle know perhaps and you're in. A good week. All right they but we're definitely in I'd rather be podcasting mode. Right now okay. Question number two. For Robin Akiva, do you know all of the exactly Eric's to the? Theme Song. Do you think you do. Do let's try and sing it together. Okay. Here I hear a whole lot just play the scar. remix. Okay. Didn't get over. Do you WanNa go I know? I. I could nail it. one you go first. All right. Here we go. All right. Let's play too loud. So we can hear. I. Got I. got no shot. All right because this is coming in fast. Okay. All right. Okay. All right. Okay. Got Three to one robin. Akiva Anita podcasts than they need your help. Can you make it onto the wheel Robin Akiva need gas I don't remember the rest relieve blanking on everything every we again better than you. Rob Any even nita. Yeah I gotTA study. The, lyrics there. All right. I'll give it to you. Real Quick Scott version is very, very quick. Robin and keeping need a podcast and the need your help. Can you make it onto the wheel keep a podcast or sell or ideas citizens. Every week ten. Yes what are coming up next provident community need a podcast on the part that I screwed up that.

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