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Loaded, and then we're gonna go deliver to our other three hospital sites Northwest, Harborview and Valley. Healthcare workers will be the first to get the vaccine in the coming weeks. People over 65, those with health conditions will start getting it as well. Hospitals around the state are getting the vaccine shipments starting this week. Next session of the state Legislature is just four weeks away and combos Charlie Harder tells us the governor is out with a set of proposals meant to eliminate racial disparity. There are more than 15 policy proposals, Governor Jay Inslee says will improve equity in the state among the proposals, creating an office that reviews police use of force, increasing the number of minority contractors on state projects. And establishing June teeth as a state holiday. The state House and Senate will consider these proposals starting in early January. Charlie Harder come on news restaurants everywhere, struggling through the pandemic, and that's inspired some in Olympia to come together to help others in the industry. Here's call most to remarry. Owners of Olympia Oyster House, put up a giving tree every holiday to help families in need. But this year, the trees for employees from other restaurants who've been laid off or had their hours cut part of the oyster House is great restaurant. Option challenge, general manager Mike Hernandez told the News Tribune. The tree is to honor their late owner Patrick Kanoute's in who died in October. It's not that were in a great position financially, but we're able to keep our doors open our lights on and Keep our employees working, and that is the best position you could be in in this economy. Some of the other restaurants with giving trees that are collecting gifts until December. 19th include Cafe Ole Espresso and Nicole's Bar in Olympia. To Romero Camo News, Seattle's pier 57 is reopened here, which includes miners landing in the great wheel had been closed after damage and demolition to nearby pier 58. Enough of the demolition has occurred. Of the southern portion of Pier 58 that the imminent threat that that pose during demolition no longer exists. Brian Stevens, with the city's Department of construction and Inspection, says Pier 57 had been closed since September as a precaution, but it can now reopened to the public. Jeff Pooja look, come on News. It's 3 34 and combo traffic.

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