Linda Lovelace, Thom Hartmann, Brad Friedman discussed on Stephanie Miller's Happy Hour Podcast


Boyce's definitely check your registration but voter suppression tactics are have long been used by the GOP and so to your point Yes we have to be aware of outside influences and attempts on our elections but the call is also coming from inside the how right and so fighting this voter suppression is is critical to protecting our democracy. I did a terrifying event with Thom Hartmann and Greg Palestine Brad Friedman in La last weekend and. Tom was saying if they give you a professional or provisional ballot screamed from the rooftops. Because they're gonNA probably throw that out like that's why we just have to check and double check and make sure everyone you know was registered and get them to the polls Mitt. You know because that there are so many ways but provisional ballots are a you know I mean they were they were recommending here in. La Vote by mail. It's just there are so many ways that they are trying to disenfranchise people in provisional ballots are. There are so many spoiled ballots that that we don't even know about right that you think. Oh that means I get devoted. Okay but yeah. I think that there is a lot of fear over provisional ballots Now California has a new tool that allows you to track your ballot. So you can get notified if there's any issue with it if it might get rejected because of your signature might not match or something like that so in in some states where we don't have voters as much voter suppression. There are things being put into place that that allow you to follow and protect your vote and we need this across the country. Steve Are you worried about us? Obviously a lot of talk now about including in the debates recently about the divisiveness you know coming from certain camps. Are we going to and I have to say I? We are so vote balloon. No matter who I happen to be excited by Elizabeth Warren. I've never endorsed anyone. Who gives a shit what I think like I vote in fall in love and the primary fall in line? I like as you said Linda lovelace. She'll swallow whatever you with.

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