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All right take to. This is what happens often when we do. Theo cast Was the the blooper. Reel out. this is this is probably why we aren't ready to go live. I am not professional enough to do that. Can oh my goodness so anyways is so glad to be here with you. We'd set a good laugh and One day in heaven. Mabel explain to you what happened. But man i got on a chain of words i couldn't get out of and it just was a mess. So we're we're here to hopefully fix that now. Go down that road but One first of all go back to some things. I did say that you didn't hear and that super thankful to have patrick. Patrick was part of the original super. Refer monda part of the team that kind of help get this up enrolling and help us with the design and the name and Helps the cast in the background as well. So i'm super thankful to not only have him part of the cast but also church planting and just as a as a friend so it's good to have you here going back to this conversation guys. They're one of the things that happens is You know reform theology. When you truly understand the five points reform theology like legitimate not calvinistic not calvin jellicoe but real covenant theology. You realize it. We're like a speck of sand next to this mountain of just how many of us relatively speaking no no. It's a small god. That's right so then you start asking we'll do we have some kind of an obligation to call out or speak back or push back or you know. How do we go after this mountain of just horrendous bad theology and i get that question a lot in you know my respond. I'll let you guys respond to them some of my responses. You know. I think the yoga's has kind of a unique platform. I mean you guys are a part of this transformation. We are trying to change churches..

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