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Its draining many Americans bank accounts frustrating businesses and raising alarm bells at the Federal Reserve, stubbornly high inflation. New numbers this morning show inflation at the wholesale level rose 8 and a half percent in September from a year earlier, Russian missile attacks caused a crippled nuclear plant in Ukraine to lose all external power this morning, increasing the risk of a radiation disaster, says Ukraine, diesel generators were supplying the plant. The AP's Charles De Ledesma. International Atomic Energy Agency director general Rafael grossi treated this repeated loss of the plant's offsite power is a deeply worrying development. I'm Charles De Ledesma. Los Angeles city council members heard on leaked audio making racist comments are facing calls to resign. The AP's Julie Walker the LA city council will try to hold another meeting today after yesterday's that included protesters yelling for resignations of nori Martinez, Kevin de Leon and Gil se dio, white councilman Mike bonin, whose black son was called a little monkey by Martinez was emotional as he spoke. Officials are supposed to call us to our highest selves. And these people stabbed us and shot us and cut the spirit of Los Angeles. Council members like Mitchell Farrell backing him. The court of public opinion has rendered a verdict and the verdict is they all must resign. The tape includes racist comments as the three discuss securing Latino power and the redistricting process in LA. I'm Julie Walker. Now former city council president Nouri Martinez is taking a leave of absence. The jurors who will decide whether Florida school shooter Nicholas Cruz is sentenced to death or life without parole are deliberating today. 17 people were killed at marjory Stoneman Douglas high school. This is AP news. President Biden's traveling today, AP Washington correspondent Sagar Meghani. President Biden is heading west with weeks to go before the midterm elections that will decide congressional control. It's a three day trip that summarizes The White House's midterm strategy. Get a broadly unpopular president and other officials into places where they can rally democratic faithful and promote what the administration's done. They're going to talk about the success that we have seen. Spokeswoman karine Jean Pierre says the president's eager to travel, starting in Colorado today where he'll designate a national monument outside veil at the request of senator Michael Bennet, who is in a tough reelection fight. From there, it's on to Oregon and California, which has the nation's highest gas prices, and where Republicans are looking to capitalize in house races, Sagar, Meghani, Washington. And I'm Rita foley, AP news. This is 8 20 a.m., W CPT, willow springs, and streaming worldwide. CPT 8 20 dot com. We are Chicago's progressive chalk, where facts matter. Now, UW CPT 8 20, Chicago traffic

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