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I'm Ryan Gorman with me in studio Morgan, lash and Reggie on the board. Tonight's Morgan, I getting into a little bit of an argument off the air. Yeah, I'm giving you good advice. You're not AM. Stop I have a date and I'm putting on Monday Cup for my day. And he told me that I'm putting on too much. Good. You're saying you don't need to go anymore. If you keep going with the makeup, it's going to look like you're wearing a lot of makeup as a guy. Trust me. We don't like it when the makeup is on your face so much that winds up getting on or face. At some point. Being off. It's not or a shirt Ben to make of it. What wait, what if your dates wearing a white shirt, and he is SOL has? Yeah, that's just going to have to. Helen learn. So that's what I've been doing all evening. I've been watching Morgan with her bad stuff and put on her makeup. You got your hair extensions. If you haven't seen the before, and after picture of, of Morgan and are like a ten thousand dollar hair extensions we've got that for you. On the website, WFL news dot com. Just go to the PM Tampa Bay page put the mirror down and focus on the show before. And after of my makeup transformation. All right. Let's get to important stuff here. What's with the borrowing of dogs? What is this service all about sell in Saint Pete? You can now go to the humane society, you can essentially rent, a dog you check it out for the day like a book just like just like a book you can go. You can take it out for the day. And you can have like you could take it on. They're calling it like a field trip. Okay. You have to pay for it. You don't pay for it. You just he signed it out. I mean, I'm sure there are there's a timeframe in the movie you go you get the dog. And then you have to bring it back by a certain time that night, you probably have to leave a credit card or something like steal the dog. Yes, you take it out in the morning. Bring it back at night, and Saint Peter's so dog friendly, the somebody places to go the ideas that you can take this dog out and about, you could take it to the dog bar and Kenwood or you could take it out to lunch with you sit outside beaches beaches. Ton of dog friendly beaches, not like on Saint Pete beach, again, just like bring it to the beach. But, like, for example, if you go all the way down to the tip of Pasa, girl, okay? Nice big dog beach for disodium. Oh, see this is a win win. Obviously, it's a win for dog. Because the dog gets out for a little bit with somebody, but it's also a win because, you know, if you're somebody who doesn't want to invest fully into a pet you don't wanna make that time commitments financial commitment. This gives you the opportunity on a weekend to do something with the dog. Yeah. I have a friend who I was talking to about this. She just lost her like thirteen fourteen year old dog a couple months ago. So she said she's. Not ready to get a new dog, but she misses being bagel to go out and take a dog out and just play for the day. So this is perfect for somebody like that, and they give you these cute little doggy business cards so that when people come up to you and say, oh, my gosh. Your dogs so cute, you can hand them a card and say actually, she's up for adoption. That's such a great idea number. Yeah. It's the best thing you've ever had a really great idea. I can say a lot of Dopp dead. I can see a lot of guys utilizing the service. It's perfect if you're if you're a single guy in the Tampa Bay area, and you've got a cute dog with you. It certainly makes it much easier to strike up conversations with single women, you might meet out about, when you've got the dog the see that's one of the problems, I have Stetson doesn't really like people. So he's if there's if there's a cute single girl walking around. And and I'm walking with him. He's not going to want to go up to her or anything like that. He'll want to go the other way. He'll be dragging me away from the person, which is the exact opposite of what you need him today. Yeah. So I'm sure these dogs are probably looking to meet every person they, they can. So this is a really great setup. So you got that service where you can rent a dog. And then there's this other service, the company's called duty calls. Great name. It's a perfect name for this company, and it's a company that goes to a customer's home and picks up after dogs, and they also have it to where like an apartment complex, or condo complex can hire them, and they can come and do the entire grounds. So they go to your house or your apartment complex, or whatever. And they remove the pet waste. They handle all of it for you. And they said their aim is to help older. Folks, you know, some people who. Yeah, can't do it physically. And then people who don't have time. Older, folks. Great. Yeah. I think that's a great idea. Great concept, people don't have time. It's still is a good idea. But come on. You're you really don't have the five minutes. It takes to right. Well, you have you have a lot of people who especially here in Florida where people have houses in backyards. And you were they let the dog out, and they don't go out with the dove is let the dog out in the bathroom. Yes. I'm in an apartment complex. I have to walk Stetson. Right. When I take him out, and I'm one of the owners when I got him. There are certain things that to me if you're gonna get a dog you should be ready to do. And one of them is pick up their crap. And so I've always been one of those dog owners. I have my bags and I've got I've got those bags. The mutt mitts. Have you ever seen these? They're like triple reinforced. Yes. Yes. To put the whole glove. Exactly. I'm not picking crap those bags. No way not happening. So I've got those backs and I will I pick it up. What frustrates me? Not just people who don't pick it up when they should what aggravates me in my apartment complex. We've got the little dog waste stations. And they there's bags there. I prefer my mutt mitts that fully protect my hand because Majorca Phob, but their their bags there for anybody who needs one what frustrates me. The most are people who don't pick up after their dog right next to the waste station. Like, how can you be that big of a jackass? Because at that point, it's not even being lazy. It's beyond laziness, how can use literally don't care about the other people that live in the guys and have animals and after walk over there. Exactly. And it's not look at me when when you're in an apartment complex and you're out there. It does not so much that it smells or even than it looks bad. It's more that there's a chance, I'm gonna frigging step. Yeah. And I mean, we're in Florida. I think about all the kids that live in complex is right around in the grass barefoot drives me absolutely insane. I you know, I'm sure they're going to be maybe some more high end apartment complexes condo complexes, who would who would use a service like duty calls, but most places they put it on you, like pick up after your dog. And if I'm out, and I see somebody who didn't pick up after the dog, and I'm out there. I'll let them know like hey, really totally totally. Confront, of course, I have no patience for that. I I'm a little more amenable to somebody who has a smaller like your dog because he's not going to be a lot there. It's the people that have these giants that storm is actually the word, right? So like a dinosaur went to the bathroom out there. Yup. Eight hundred nine six nine ninety three fifty two is the number let me get a Scott and Tampa, Scott. How are you? Scott you there? Your show as usual. Very quick comment. My wife is a dog person. She actually does pick up the Phuc this. She has noticed so many people that walk around with three or four grocery bags plastic one. Yup. And the dog will poop and then they look around and they keep going. They don't pick it up. They pretend to have the bags and filled on do it. Just needed to share that. Thank you for the call. Scott pre. She it, it you know, I, I'm telling you, I would say in my apartment complex, probably like sixty percent of the dog owners pick up the waste, and there's a lot of dogs and my complex, but there is definitely a good forty percent, maybe half the don't because it is all over the place. Really? Yeah. And we've got like one of those little dog parks. It's not really a great dog bark, but they basically. Yeah. Couple of feet. They fenced in and said, here's your dog for what was what was worse is in Chicago, Mike condo. They there was a dog park that belong to the building, I lived in and you've got so, so there's two sections, right? Across the street. One is this huge section with grass and trees and all of that. And the other one is this little fenced-in cement section. Which one would you think would be the dog park? Not the fenced-in cement. What that was what the dog park was. I'm like how in the world do you have all this grass right there for dogs and you can't use that? And they gotta go crap on cement, really is never clinched that drove me insane, but I would say actually really stupid. So we've got the little dog park in my apartment complex. Now you can never go on it because nobody picks it up. Is that bad that you don't even take steps to mental I don't even bother now? He's very particular though. He has to places where it goes to the bathroom, and the whole the whole complex one specific place in the morning and one specific place in the evening. Okay. So, yeah. Very much very particular. Yes. One more study related to dogs. I want to touch on real quick. This new study suggests dog owners experiencing long bouts of stress can transfer it to their dog apparently asked to do with cortisol and hair follicles bottom line, when the person stressed out the dog is stressed to this is not shock me at all..

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