Democratic Party, Elizabeth Warren, Joe Biden discussed on Thom Hartmann


You go. I'm sorry. That was it. Okay. Meanwhile, you know, the the the marketplace as it were as just handing arguments to Elizabeth Warren today, the Wall Street Journal reports that more than three dozen drugmakers raise the prices of hundreds of medications in the US on Tuesday. Most of them on generics. Most of the generic companies generic drugs are supposed to compete with brand name drugs because it's the same drug only it's at a lower price. Well, the big name companies have been buying up all the generic companies and the Jackie and the prices up so there essentially competing with themselves. So, you know, this is the kind of stuff that Elizabeth Warren is all about the New York Times today ash, dead Herndon and Alexander burns noting was who's actually yesterday day before yesterday noting that Elizabeth Warren is heading to Iowa this next week. She's going to be in Des Moines council bluffs, storm city and Sioux Falls. The Iowa course has the first in the nation democratic caucuses in February of next year. So we're year we're thirteen months out from the caucuses. But this is the note that they make and I think it's a really important one. The party has no single leader the Democratic Party, no obvious front runner. Now. I would argue that Bernie is the obvious front runner. I know that to others would argue the Joe Biden is the obvious front runner. I think both of them are fairly obvious for runners. But because Bernie nearly took down Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden was vice president for eight years. And has run for president. Like, I don't know how many times. Anyhow, they they continue. There is no broadly unifying ideology. I think that's the key to the whole thing is this is this is the moment when the Democratic Party decides. Whether it's a party that is progressive. Or whether it's just another political party in the in the bag in the pockets of of billionaires and big corporations, and they note that as this the Democratic Party has no broadly, unifying ideology isn't moves away from a quarter century of dominance by the Clinton's and Barack Obama who, you know, essentially have become modern day royalty and very very wealthy based on having been in the presidency, and and all this kind of stuff. So we wear is this going to go. What how do you think this is going to shake out? And and you know, what happens next. I.

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