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Boys. Podcast newark on twitter at meg. Murry that is four rs episode to into the books. Tom you are at the new person here to our live streams to discuss what was your biggest takeaway. The biggest thing i mean make a good kicking the off strong here. What are you got. Hey let's face. it ezekiel. Elliott is the star of this edition of art knocks. Even though he's not playing in the game they just keep going back to. Because he's so hilarious. I mean they they had the baby powder thing but they lift out. Foulds of baby powder comment which really really disappointed me cut. You know him the sunflower seeds. You know the dancing each just he such a colorful personality and they just we've him in and out of the serious and not so serious stuff so it's clear that he is just the darling of those cameras There was a twitter clip. Putting around today to tom's point jamison zari eleven or one. Excuse me agree with you. Thomson comedian zeke. Said that when he when he expelled you would be able to see a white cloud because of the The baby powder that was in there all you know. I think that's the most politically correctly. I can say that make what was your big takeaway from the zor kamara episode. Yeah i love that. We got to highlight him We like we got to see a lot of guys to focus on. That could be making the fifty three. You know this was also abandoned nucci episode. If you will. That's true it was. I felt bad for him when hard knocks kind of painted it out. Like there's no better way to make fifty three man roster the nego- lead game winning drive because we all knew that he wouldn't roy Was this was the kind of the most traditional hard knocks the episode that we've gotten so far there's only been two. Well what was your big takeaway. We got to see. Maybe the most polar opposite coaches in the nfl. Mike mccarthy and cliff kings brayshaw moment. He i think what you just said it was my biggest takeaway like they make this show for a national audience. So those of you that are turning in that are diehard cowboys fans and like they're going to paint players that you know are not making the roster as guys who actually might and bend to duke. She is definitely one of those guys. Like no amount of slow motion sidearm. Uncle rico throws convinced me that he's going to be on this roster when the team gets to fifty three men and yet in slow motion. It almost looks on. That's the mechanics. Those never look good. Yeah and when all your best plays in like the trade gap highlights review of you running the ball. And you're not known for your speed. That's probably like a bad sign. But in the in his defense right he did have a major victory in this one in doing so made the rookie. Look at again. If mike is gonna come in and talk trash to amari cooper about chess and then lose to bend nucci like. I don't wanna hear you gap eddie war about just going forward. Go work on your young man. Get on the job and work on your game. He couldn't beat the backups in chess. let's go back. The chesting was one of the very first you know kind of sequences we got in this particular episode. May we talked about it last week. There was no amari michael. Michael parsons said tomorrow. Michael gallup chess game but We got to see it. It looks like a custom board. I thought i saw micheals name like engraved or inscribed on the bottom. So that's another thing to lose on your home court like that You know mica like traveled with this board all the way out to oxnard just to get handed the l. by bennie new. She of all people But we finally got it. The rookies gambit as you have dubbed it make. This was again trying to keep as logical as possible. I if you had asked me to guest. The person that michael had been playing chess against that wasn't a mark cooper i think been did you would've been my last possible guests so i have to say that i am a stocker of all their social. Media's so i did see them chirping at each other about playing together. And that i knew ben wine and then i did ask i was like hey so did they fill matt like. Are we actually going to get some chess here. So it was confirmed. I was like i know i'm going to see a aben versus mike thing And i knew bent was gonna win however now mike is out here in these streets on twitter calling for a rematch. So long is the one that Tweeted it so it was like maybe we get to moral action throughout the season. Was anybody little impressed by ghanouchi trash-talking throughout that entire contest. I was surprised because he looked so uncomfortable on an nfl field. Right i mean and so to see him in an environment that he feels comfortable in in like that even has any high level of authority was really jarring to me. I tweeted during the during the episode. Like if this dude played football the way he you know kinda his disposition sort of resembles a chess. Let's go you know like where's that bendon uchi in the fourth quarter zero cardinals. You know what i'm saying. All agree now everybody just now. It seems that he feels better behind a chessboard. Instead of a keyboard like some people. So that's true tom. I want to go to you now. Moving pass the chessen. We had a question from vance. Let's see here. Van says missed. The way events also had a comment said loved my shirts events that he's big man united supporter S- appreciate the comment vance but since the episode was painting the field. I coach football away to go. Did they have the connor. Khartoum's miked up for the aaron donald. Fight tom i'm going to be honest. This there was a lot of great. Nfl films in this in this episode. I was super bummed that we didn't get the connor. Aaron donald one. On one. In fact i feel like they painted connor out badly just showing him kind of taken. Aaron donald down yeah. They didn't get the cameras on them. Apparently in time and yet it was a major disappointment that they didn't show more of what happened. Because i was looking forward to. Cnn all we get is the take down at the ends and like you said. It wasn't the best look for williams in that thing. I wish they had done you know a little bit better because they do so such a good job at catching so many things And hard knocks but yet that was won miss and was a little bit. Disappointing roy. they Also kind of painted tony pollard. Out to look like the villain in his fight. It looked it looked very pro. Rams and hard knocks loves actually. Nfl films loves the rams they did the rams last year they did them. Five years ago..

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