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The warehouse changed feet. Chief Financial Officer Richard Galanti. He said during an earnings call yesterday that the company is going to bring back the samples over the next few weeks through the end of June. For sure, they say, that's good news. You know what I got to tell you? I don't have much experience with Costco other than we were briefly members one time so we could get a good deal on some carpet something like that. And then what? We let it go, so I have not experienced the free sample, which is apparently an absolute incredible thing. Well as you all know, he says, we eliminated a popular food sampling and demo activities in our warehouse last March and at the onset of the pandemic, and I'm happy to report over the next couple of weeks. We're bringing it back, gonna phase it in full sampling, he says. Full sampling is on, Galanti said. The first wave of sampling returns It'll take place in about 170 of its 550 Costco locations. Guess it takes some time to, you know, bring people back and bring in police back a guess. Yeah. In the United States the first week of June. He said sampling would return to every location of the U. S. By the end of the month, depending on the state and local restrictions, of course, increase safety protocols. They got to say that still remaining in place, according to Glanton. He said all samples would be prepared behind plexiglass prepared. It's smaller batches. Better safety control and distributed two members wanted a time in Costco. Food courts will also be making a comeback in the next few weeks, which is very popular by the way. Families love to go to Costco for some reason, and get their pizza and hot dogs and set right there at the checkout line to do some people watch. I had no idea by June, 7th Galante said Most store locations would be bringing back seating. But with more physical separation, with the only tables of four and about half of the seating capacity is they had before Friday night. It's Friday for us it zits the tide of Don show date night. Me and the wife. We'd like to go to Costco and walk around and spend money on things we really don't need in large quantities in that's right. Very big bottles, 9 33 and joining us on the live news line, the constant City Council agitator. His name is Brad Swells. Here on the tide of Done show, Brad. Good morning. Good morning, guys. Are we all good? Hey, what you know last May you and I had a conversation last mayor April about the Wuhan lab. I talked about on the radio and people thought I was crazy. They taught Todd you're talking about conspiracy theories and all of this stuff. And we have really changed even the mainstream media starting to question the source of the covert 19. Yeah, well, I mean, you know it. Was it so hard to really know what to think any more than you know, Obviously, the you know the, uh, social media. The mass media, probably in concert with government officials forced us to stop talking about this. He kicked off social media, even if he even brought it up. And now it's becoming more and more mainstream. You know what's changed? Who knows? But it begs the question. What else are they stopping us talking about? You know, maybe this may Um, yeah, but I mean, it seems obvious right that it came from a lab in and there it How is that? How is that a crazy thought? You know, I'm not a detective, Another scientist, but all points point to the Wuhan lab and the gain of function research. On. You're absolutely right. Facebook says they're now going to allow people to post things about the Wuhan Lab. Which which to me, you know to me, it says Facebook was protecting China. It tells me that mainstream media was protecting China just like John Sena protecting China. What kind of 1984 nightmare That was prison where we have to take our cues from Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook about what we can and cannot talk about. And there go. Two experts are Dr Fauci and Bill Gates. And what is their credibility like this morning? You know, I wasn't h e B. I was an H E B yesterday and I didn't wear my mask because I'm vaccinated. And and I noticed there were only four people in this store. Probably a couple 100. People in all, most people were still wearing the mask. Why? Well, you know, you remove both Todd. I haven't won my master to be in a few weeks now. And yeah, I get I get some crazy whatever once in a while, but people are leaving me alone, which is great, But I think the problem is that we've turned feeling to have wrote you. We've turned this into you know, I'm better than you. I'm actually it was sold to us as max masks They're helping protect Other people, right? Right. So I'm wearing a mask. I'm protecting you. You're not wearing a mask. You're not protecting me, eh? So we've turned the sphere to a virtual people are having a real hard time. Maybe they just don't live virtuous lives in other ways, But we're having a real hard time convincing people like Hey, there's there's more important stuff to focus on it. They're gonna drop it freely. No, You're right. Uh, an entire year. People were told where your master show you care about other people. You're selfish if you don't wear it. You're right. You're gonna kill grandma. Right? Right. You're gonna kill Grandma, so I know you've been tracking everything that's going on with. You know this this constant harassment that some city employees, including council members, Mackenzie Kelly that they're facing at City Hall all the time. And we're learning with this home's not handcuffs Group that's taken over Austin City Hall, at least circled it For the past few weeks. They're armed. They're making threats. And I think we can say that some of them are dangerous..

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