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Dancing man did it. Diamonds, See me back? We have not finished up our block thing yet getting through that now, Um Okay, baby is racist already did that. Oh, good news. Angry, partisan hack Neera Tanden is no longer being considered for the Office of Management and Budget. She pulled her name out of contention yesterday, and the White House announced today that they would accept that recent recent. What is that a recision re Resignation. Yeah, but it isn't a resignation for a nomination. You bring? What is it? What? He was told to resign. She was told to resign. But she didn't resign because she didn't have the job yet. What is it called? When you take back your name from consideration? Resend. That's what I thought. Recent. You rescind your name present? Yeah. Okay? I don't know. It doesn't feel right. It feels weird. It's just It's like when you write a word, and then you go is the hell that smelt. Um, I sure about that and you end up looking it up here. I guess it just looks weird. Right now she's out. She is a huge partisan hack. I mean, you know, here's the thing the whoever is president. Should get to decide who they want in their Cabinet. I That's just the way it is, however. The Office of Management Budget is our office office back budget and management. It's O P. M O M. B. Whichever there's management budget in the name. It's all there. That is definitely a place where you need to not have a partisan hack. I'm sorry. You need to have somebody that can look and look at the other side and their needs, especially in the Senate is closely divided as the Senate we have now and Neera Tanden is not that person. Now Republicans are setting their sights on Xavier McAra, who is horrible. In terms of his ideology, and they wanted to put him in charge of health and human services. This is the guy who spearheaded the lawsuit against nuns. Because the nuns Didn't want to offer birth control in their health insurance package. And he sued them. So, yeah, he can go pound sand, so Republicans, I don't expect him to get through either. That's not all about him. But yeah, I don't expect him to get through either. So that's and then I'd be. I don't know about Dr Rachel Levine. The transgender woman who refused to answer questions about whether she believed that the government should be able to intervene between parents and their Children. And allow Children to have mutilating surgery before they're old enough to make that decision without the parent's permission, and she would not answer that question. For me, that's a full disqualifier. Full disqualifier. If you're not going to tell me that you're not going to interfere between parents and Children. I have no interest in you. But I don't know what's gonna happen to her. We'll see. I think they're choosing their battles, and she would just be assistant director of health and human or something. I don't know. She's got protection of being LGBT. Well, Neera Tanden should have had protection too, for being a minority and savior Bacara should. But they're so beyond the pale that Republicans were just saying, No, we're not gonna do that. We're not several have already said they're not gonna vote for Bacara. Just not going to do it. So we'll see what happens there. Did you guys know that the National Guard is still at the Capitol building in D? C. Did you know this? I did not know this. And as hard as I looked, I could not see a valid reason for this still to be happening. Capitol Police are like, Well, you know, we were well, We've had some threats. And, you know, we just know the real reason is everybody wants to be reminded that Trump supporters stormed the capital on January 6. They don't want that imagery to go away. Yes, ran. I was just going to say I was writing a story about that this morning, and there was some QA non theory that Trump is going to become president. March 4th. I don't know if they're waiting that out till after tomorrow afternoon, I will say this And if you are a listener of this show, and you believe That Donald Trump is going to ascend to the presidency tomorrow because anonymous person on the Internet that you don't know and have no way of knowing who they are..

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