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Dana white seems to be very eager to have him back. This appears to be a hill that he wants to die on. And it's a it's a strange one to me because of who he is. But in the end, hey, you wanna be in the Greg hardy business great you're going to have to deal with moments like that? So we'll talk about Greg hardy throughout the show. We'll talk about page vans ends return and her victory. We'll talk about the new air. We'll talk about all that. And then some let me run down today's lineup. And then we'll get to our first guest of the day who I do believe is standing by. And I do believe he has a little friend with him. So to speak. Okay. So at around three forty we're going to be joined by TJ dillashaw. We'll get his thoughts on how this all went down on Saturday night. And whether he wants to really go after the rematch, and we'll see how he feels less than forty eight hours removed from the fight Dennis bermudas who retired on Saturday night in the middle of the cage. We'll talk to him about why he's walking away off a win. We'll talk to Marla Moore is who's headlining the next big U of C show in two weeks and four to against fell son. So. Usa specked that he will be next in line if he wins. That's what should happen. At least JoAnne. Calderwood will join us to forty to talk about her big win on Saturday against ni Lipsky. And yes, our haircut proved to be a good luck charm for her. So thank you very much. And you're welcome to all the JoAnne Calderwood fans out there. And now she wants either a title shot or a big fight next. Stephen Thompson is going to return on March twenty thirty against Anthony Showtime Pettus. We'll talk to him about that. That's in Nashville, and then we'll talk to Anthony Pettus at two oh five to talk about why he's moving up one hundred seventy pounds. I'm looking forward to hearing from him Corey San Hagan had a massive win the very first on. Yes. Peon television against Mario Batista. So we'll talk to him at one fifty page. Zandt will stop at one thirty five talk about the forementioned win over one Rachel Oeste vich. But first, let us waste any more time. Do we have our first guest ready to go? The man of the hour to sweet to be sour. Lowered the reigning defending. You have see flyway champion. The man who saved the one hundred and twenty five pound division on Saturday night by finishing TJ. They'll show as he said he would in just thirty two seconds there. He is computed himself the two thousand eight Olympic gold medalist Henry the Messager so hudo in the house. Henry how are you? Good to those good for you to be the first entity up doing until after Matt. To say fake year. Thank thinking for you know, I knew you believe that people in the story line, and you believe in the flyweight set. It's just a lot of young that you've done for the sport, which he did. Bras, guys. Thank you. I appreciate that. That means a lot to me. I'm happy that you said that because Henry I wasn't able to tend the press conference. But everyone was telling me afterwards that you actually gave me a little shoutout. Do we have that clip? I just want the world to know that the champion the first thing that was on his mind after winning this massive fight was little old me the knows let's play that clip. Where's area Hawaii? Where's he at? Mr. knows I wanted to hear I wanted to some questions from him. Yes. I love you. Great. Shoutout. Appreciate that very much. Okay. So let's talk about what transpired on Saturday night. Have you watched the foot? I mean, it's only thirty two seconds. I'm assuming you've watched it at nauseam. But a have you watched it and be what do you think of the stoppage? Now two days later. It was a rice stoppage is it was it was. Take an extra ten hits. If the rough was to stop it. I could feel real reason why sorta tacking heart is I could feel his body goal. Couple times from that. Because I said the beginning, I believe it was that it was that bit. I just I touched his face. Wasn't. It wasn't as Harvard Wisconsin per SEIs. And they saw I saw the meaner chain. And that's over him a little loopy overhead..

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