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Now we just talked to representative jan schakowsky and back in two thousand seven when she questioned eric prince about the role of blackwater in iraq and afghanistan she raised the fact that eric prince was hiring mercenaries from all around the world in two thousand four gary jackson the president of blackwater usa admitted that your company had hired former commandos from chile to work in iraq many of which served under general a ghost open shut the former dictator of chile as you must know his forces penatta perpetrated widespread human rights abuses including torture and murder of over three thousand people did blackwater any of its affiliated companies at that time us any at anytime use any to land contractors with ties to pinochet well i can say mr jackson did nurk prince hemmed and hawed and response to jan schakowsky question about the piano shake connection but you hausky was right blackwater did hire chilean commandos who had ties going back to the pinot shea era for its operations in iraq and general augusta pinochet was absolutely a brutal dictator that the cia and the us government backed as he rose to power and that the us supported as he unleashed his brutality on the chilean people to close today's show i'm joined now by a musician whose life has been directly impacted by the us support for the pinochet regime in chile i'm talking about singer songwriter rapper on t zhou she has an upcoming ep called rhodesia in negra and she recently released a new song called tnt aroha featuring powerhouse mexican american singer leila downs this is their first collaboration which is a longtime coming for these two revolutionary women on is known for her fast paced raps in spanish about injustice colonialism and american interventionism in one well known song somo sort she covers topics such as free.

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