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We stand up gigs and he was awesome and it was funny j i just doing that so when i was on the set it was cool be on this resort digital film thumping i did it was really cool and bob it was good to see bob again so i talked to him a little wyoming bond it was it was funny he it's not important it was funny because i'm doing the scene i'm looking at bob and grow and it was so we're tried to stop talking so joke could do his lines show just agent actor sound port so on my show i'll tell you letters on port so i do the things and dr afterwards i had spoken to bob earlier and i talk to john lewis joe both together yemen i spoke to joe after he's the great male is really good it was good there was a good time i can't marty enjoyed it i think that's what's were i hope i hope i hope something comes out on marty in they can't release the film he was a lovely guy though i don't wanna say who it is done port but certain directors just really know how to deal with their talent who else was in it i don't know i i only saw those guys i could tell you off air mean all the other guy owl harvey bobby their role in it i got on the scene on the movie uk i can't put either not all on the scene i get i wasn't sure would be in my seat i knew bob in joe we're going to be there are you gonna i knew marty would be the behind the killing the first name ghanaianled no i gotta ask lob hug me was happy to see me are you there has to do this podcast so i'm happy absolute we're having to have absolutely pat what did us the difference their money fans your recognition daily a lot of differences for starpower okay.

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