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World on George Laurie welcome to coast to coast AM later tonight dramatic near death stories here's what's happening governors in Pennsylvania New Jersey Delaware have a lot to consider before fully re opening if they open too quickly that could result in more deaths they say according to a new model from the Wharton school at the university of Pennsylvania if you believe that study worry opening stage she Kanemi certainly comes with a cost they say that could result in more deaths there's a strange story a university of Pittsburgh professor on the verge of making very significant findings researching covert nineteen according to the university has been shot and killed in an apparent murder suicide over the weekend the research assistant professor identified as being Lou was found in his town house Saturday with gunshot wounds to the head neck torso and extremities investigators believe an unidentified second man who was found dead in his car shot and killed blue in his home before returning to his car and taking his own life police believe the men knew each other but they say there's no indication there was targeting due to him being Chinese well as we're talking about five G. yesterday with guess been stored there always been longstanding concerns about the radio waves that are being emitted by our devices especially our cell phones however it seems that these concerns have been amplified with the launch of five G. where there've been a lot of theories that are linking five G. to various health issues so much so that some people are actually actively taking matters into their own hands were according to reports a small town in Quebec Canada has experienced an incident where several cell phone towers had been set on fire over allegations that five G. is somehow linked to the covert nineteen pandemic let's check in with doctor Gerrie right now our roster of pandemic and get his take on the latest Gerry what's your thoughts on what's happening so far well first off I want to mention that murder warrants is a hoax you're seeing and all over the place there are no murder Hornets on the way that's all I can my take on the whole thing though is that the death rates are climbing and it looks like social isolation and mask from nineteen eighteen are not working Cuomo just came up with something and and I didn't understand it he said something to the effect that sixty percent of the people that they had corona virus came from home she is also the same home for about six I don't think they know what they're doing I really don't this is a total bust the thing we do know is that the airlines are going to shrink to nothing is going to be mass bankruptcies the oil industry's already tank and then yesterday I went to Walmart and there were no there was no beef products there is another concern to Gerry I'm told by some doctors that they're basically being pushed to put most deaths down as coronavirus that is part of the billing problem in America when you build something you try to put the expensive diagnosis down so you'll get better reimbursement really coronavirus and you get a better one and reimbursement for that one and also all of the funds that you put into trying to save this person's reimbursed by home government insurance companies Medicare so on so forth you just you know you're signed up with them used to the hospital at the hospital actually the hospital syndrome the bill it always seems that they build out and then there was the diagnosis of respiratory failure do do corona virus all right we'll talk then just normal ammonia we'll talk to next week Kerry thank you so much Kim Jong on disappeared from public view over the past few weeks because of concerns about the corona virus not for any heart related surgery according to south Korea's intelligence agency the disclosure comes after members of south Korea's parliament were briefed by the country's national intelligence service according to rotors Reuters Kim made his first public appearance in nearly three weeks last Friday at a fertilizer factory near the north Korean capital private payrolls hemorrhaged more than twenty million jobs in April is company sliced workers amid a corona virus and do shut down that took most of the U. S. economy offline according to a report Wednesday from the ATP at all the decline total twenty thousand two hundred and thirty six thousand easily the worst loss in the survey's history going way back to two thousand two Dr John Curtis online columnist dot com with us John we got to open up pretty soon well we've been we've been saying this for a while right now and you know but I think in the states right now but have to be honest about it are waiting for a federal bailout I think you have stage three point you number three major trillion plus dollar bailout is going to be designed for cities and states because New York is bankrupt California is rapidly becoming bankrupt right now I mean these are two preferably large states I I did trump you know as you know it's got a finger on something all these blue states basically you know the I mean creating like he's welfare states where people are Bubba you don't have more money coming in to stay at home right now then they do going back again there's more incentive to stay at home and collect unemployment the extra benefits from these bailouts then going back to work but I think you know the government and the government alone in the management of this as proven to be a complete disaster the the the idea that you take shelter in place this is something it's been pushed as you know by the and medical experts to epidemiologists there are working on that White House task force and group about G. and W. Burks you know I've been saying you gotta shut everything down in order to you know good slow this virus and it's turning out that most people who are hospitalized right now in the New York area were sheltering in place before they were hospitalized Paul Moseley dumped founded today reporting this data but I I think what it is if the government doesn't know what they're doing they better get people back to work quickly because the GDP of this country the unemployment rate right now is that depression levels we're talking about thirty percent in major cities right now unemployed and climbing every day the new numbers from eighty P. and the labor department coming out on Friday are going to be an absolute disaster and I think you're looking more stock market roller coastline is gonna go on as you know the the the the big weight that the fact that the economy is not going to snap back from that it's going to take months if not years to recover from that and the fact that mode a lot of people right now would prefer to stay home and collected benefits rather than return to work is a real problem George it sure is and people are at a breaking point two ways economically and emotionally right now John Curtis online columnist dot com well listen to this one for the first time in history it may be absolutely accurate to say that the passenger car once the bread and butter of the automobile industry is unpopular in April more buyers purchase trucks than passenger cars for the first time ever in U. S. history a previously unseen asteroid the size of a truck flew about forty three hundred miles over the Pacific Ocean on Monday making it one of the closest passes wire plan it on record that is close UP next political operative Roger stone joins us he's been sentenced to forty months in jail his gag order has been lifted and he's ready to talk and say everything he can Roger stone next on coast to coast AM there.

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