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You get a dollar off. There are walgreens in the sock area TJ confirmed on the show. There is a walgreens. He said the wards in a Walmart warmer I think he's going to get lunch. Maybe subway that Walmart CVs very clear. oh, sure the CBS's main. Yeah, all right Steve There are in Portland, yes. Talk about I'd like to not. See CVS does exist a me. Ka Prevalent. The the furthest north is in Waterville so. If you're going north of Waterville, you're not gonNA find any CVS as you might find a rite aid walgreens, but you're not gonna find a CV which you'll find Dr Sheffield. Ten percents off. Walgreens or CBC of dollar off the Doctor Sheffield's naturals dot com well a trip. That would be if you bring your wife for the weekend and you say knots launch time. Let's go to Walmart A and then be the subway tucked in here. What's have whatever the romantic lunch? When the subways in the Walmarts, although we don't even have to legal as part of the Kirkman show experience because you can go and have sort of the Steve Robinson subway experience have few laughs. Get Chicken! TERIYAKI subjugates sweet onion, tech and terry. Joke is going to get the meatball though. Also that Dr Sheffield's naturals, DOT com today, ten percent CVS walgreens one dollar oft Dr Sheffield this morning. The official toothpaste of the Kirk Monahan show a minor tweeted me. The also brushes teeth in the shower, and then some wise guys. That's because he cannot reach the sink. That is little. Wiseguy wiseguy. Don't think that's all you. Did you Steve? SUCCO! Hesitation potential concerns as we. We're getting right. I mean we are getting ready as feels like you forget. I mean essentially you know. We talked. We said summertime the Wilbur the Wilbur. The Wilbur we're essentially doing two shows in front of a thousand people basically yeah Saturday and Sunday night, and at the I feel like almost underplaying a big event. A huge event is no no pockets in the world. We brought. We'll be doing live for driving on Saturday and Sunday night thing I think I don't think any podcast has ever attempted what we're going to do. I think it's Newsworthy Grizzlies. Where do we have anything going on steepening new or no last twenty four out? No, not really I think that. Would I would encourage people to bring food for for themselves to the event. Regardless of what Tj Hubbard says no bring coolers. Bring grills, whatever it's really just going to be like a tailgate if you get there at three thirty, my concern is people. WanNa show up there early, get the best parking spot in the in the lot, and they're kind of standing around wondering what they're doing. And then if we have people who are trying to leave the parking lot after they've already arrived to go out, there were gonNA have gaps, and it might cause some problems. I would encourage people to get their stay there. There bring what you need to to not have to be readmitted because that will cause time you be. There I'll probably be there around noon. What is the thing to get in the Abbot? Actual like you? Everyone got take it with a Qr Code on it so that you do need the scanner to get him. Because there were a couple of people to reach out to ashes, one person said that there emailed didn't come with a scanning code for some reason Yeah, I talk to that person I. It just just have the email open on your phone. Okay? Who satisfied that person listening right? Yeah? That's fair wartime you arriving on, Saturday. Steve New Mike probably leave here round so probably three ish leave heat no Saturday on Saturday I'll what do you mean I'll be there I'm saying what timing you can get to the two Soko the drive moved here. Oh, I'll whenever whenever you guys are getting their six thirty fine all right six thirty. I have the golf tournament that as well. Where's that taking drive near? I think it's a private thing they're. The, but yeah, there's like twelve minute fans getting together base, excellent verbal drive with them. We'll trip to aqua bog and I'm told for triple. Saturday or Sunday Sunday. Think wow, look a you ask this weekend. We're going to be there to I think he'll be gone by. Good news we'll see he stay dogs. Girlfriend will be gone on Sunday. Sundays, the show to go to. Getting more fun, all right Sarah what Kinda. Suck 'cause we're. We'll get some a Sunday. It'll be more. This is going to be one thunder cloud hanging over one part of the parking lot pouring down on Saturday well. What can you do? Well Good I. Actually I think it'd be a lot of fun. It's a I. Think we're GONNA. pull off, and if you go to these two shows, there's a lot of. Little special things I would say as well that we've. We've put together I. wouldn't you say Yeah TV shows up. You're going to get to see too, but a gun play at that. Do you think there's a real chance can happen to you Yeah, I think there'll be there are. Fans who are coming. A are fifteen and I. Look your PODCAST, Jesus! They want to protect you you. I mean if the fanatical devotion extends entirely to your life. Somebody sacrifice life at this event. I would think yeah. Yeah, I just. I would just say Antifa if you're listening. This is probably the worst possible. Event for you to seven people killed. Shots.

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