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Unemployment assistance before we have more info on that's new program, a click away and w t o p dot com Double duty, You'll be news time four or five. Meantime, Well, D C puts the brakes on sports. Some schools in northern Virginia and Maryland are apparently moving ahead with theirs. And Fairfax County. For example, basketball practice began Monday, followed by other winter sports beginning next week. Basketball and cheerleading, also resuming on Monday and Prince William County, but fans will not be allowed in the stands. The county has installed a camera system in each school for online viewing, if desired. Student athletes in an ARRUNDELL County you're starting the winter season. Virtually instead of in person on over in Howard County, the start of the winter athletic season has been postponed until January 4th of next year. 2021. We do hear that virtual athletic sessions will continue. Stay tuned, but it comes to quarantining and contact tracing Virginia A fairly is changing covert 19 guidance. The CDC has shortened the quarantine period for people exposed to the virus and Virginia's following suit. The state's health department is reducing the time period from 14 days to 10 days for people without sense. Comes in seven days for those without symptoms and the negative test. The department is also strengthening contact. Tracing efforts, they say during times of high Corona virus spread normal tracing is less effective. They will still contact people who have tested positive but will prioritize contacting people who live or work in group living homes. They will also focus on people involved in a known outbreak and those who are more at risk of getting severely ill from the virus. They continue to urge people to wear masks and socially distance. Luke Luke hurt. B T O P News, turning the page this early Tuesday morning for you new developments we turn to now in the Washington football teams. WORKPLACE sexual HARASSMENT SCANDAL, Washington Post reports. There is apparently AH court battle brewing here over whether or not to make the jails of a confidential settlement public We don't know much about the decades old settlement, but the franchise is former general counsel has just filed a motion to keep it private will hops in sports Reporter for The Washington Post says this week. The Washington football team was initially in charge of this investigation team hired Beth Wilkinson to conduct this investigation. But then, at a certain point, the league decided that it was more appropriate for the NFL to have oversight of it because eventually something's allegations, which have been denied were made against dance later himself. Attorney leading the NFL's probe into the workplace scandal argues it should be revealed so the public can actually understand what the former general counsel is trying to accomplish through this lawsuit and how it relates to the investigation. Stay 10. When life changes your goals don't have to register now for classes at Prince George's Community College, Learn something new. Change your career. We're here for.

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