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To software and services revenue actually said the link i have not like ibm threeyear long collectively i think we've been we've been right but i got to tell you the last quarter and ibm was shockingly decent and so you have to ask yourself to be case point two people want to sell ibm it's a january teeth when they report next with the potential to build upon what was a pretty good quarter because if they do instead of being a hundred and sixty one dollar stock it currently as you probably back to that one 82 level so i'm sorry i hear what tim is saying is that again if you wanna go for highquality here it's a new year i know people want to try to reinvent themselves you don't have to necessarily find a new idea ahead ideas that makes sense find the companies that have the growth you could make an argument than on a peg gratiot facebook pretty attractive meaning your price over your earnings growth this is a company that's trading roughly forty times it's a couple of it's probably growing around that time too so i mean i i think that's very interesting and quickly i think if you look at the broader market i you have to pay attention to the things that have underperformed that makes sense here and that to me includes telco and some utilities place which have to be part of every portfolio people want to sell these things down but i think they they deserve a look which is quickly uh what for me he it was it was ibm that was the play i mean that that's what we mentioned earlier and to me i think it just has the most upside so you'd go with that i hear tim on the on the at t and verizon those type of names if you want to get some he'll probably not that pleased me and i bought some candace names and the weakness cannabis things auto nation if you want to play the second derivative the auto trade to tim said other nations had a decent run but i think in valuation probably twelve times ford earnings probably gross at thirteen percent are so i think a in nets case mike jackson.

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