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But I don't think it's any like the movie's gonna sock. If you do, you know, so I don't think it's any any less important to be sort of totally on top. Of everything you're doing a big budget movie. Yeah. You know that the job is a little different. But it's not a lot different right? Yeah. That's cool. Yeah. Where do you stand for guardians three? Can you talk about that or I'm yeah? I I don't know. Exactly. So I mean, I'm I was in the sort of rare position where I I had not quite finished my deal. So I was still sort of negotiating for the movie when? You know, all the nonsense that happened with my brother, and he got in trouble for all tweets, which was a very strange experience. Yeah. But for me, I was just sort of put out in limbo. And I I think that I do believe that the movie is going to get made. But I don't know when I do believe I will be involved, but I don't know for sure. Right. And and I I've I've been in the business now long enough to know that until something is actually happening not happening. So I'm just living my life and my career as though it's never gonna get made. Right. But I I hope I get you know, I hope I get news to the contrary. It was such a fun group. I can't even remember the guys the the group of dudes. Which in the gang of sort of space rednecks, oh in the ravages. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. It was just such a like, you're also funny. I know Steve AG a little bit. So Steve Reggie. He's such a good time. He's become a good friend. Yeah. Yeah. And yeah. And Rooker and and records all my old friend. Evan Jones is in did you form an sometimes movies like that? Like, you're sort of formed the unit. Yeah. In a lot of knew each other already. But yeah, I think the the the raptors feel a special ship with one another and Chris Sullivan who's like career is blowing up now who. On stranger things and you see on the neck, and he's an amazing actor like one of the best. I've ever known probably and he played taser face. Okay. And and getting to know him and have him be a piece such a great member of an ensemble. Yeah. It was it was it was awesome. And that's the other like this the other thing, I will say on my brother is that. He does a great job of doing his homework about people. In addition to like finding good actors. He finds good people, right? Because you're going to be, you know, making a movie together, six months or more. He don't wanna work with asshole..

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