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It's the John MacCulloch show, Darryl would Sitting in and right back to the phone lines we go. Anthony is in Warren listening to the programme. Anthony, thanks for calling your comment. Thank you Sure my comment is okay, Shal. Everybody believes that Don't Trump is getting robbed. Correct. Well, I don't know if everybody thinks that, but there are a lot of people out there looking at the situation tonight and assessing it last then savory. Thank you. This is my scenario, But yet we're led to believe that we already know that the Republicans are going to hold the Senate and the Democrats going told Congress Ice in that Well being will being set up. They can say that. I think there were playing checkers playing chess because nothing ever got done before Donald Trump and we're going right back to that. While the government Republicans and Democrats are robbing this country blind and filling the pockets, I think we are being Cool. How can they say that? Republicans already won the Senate when we don't even know the president is going to be the president anymore? We're being played like a bunch of fools. Oh, thank you very much for that call, and I greatly appreciate you being there to make it my friend. The Senate races, the presidential races to different bags. We know that Mitch McConnell's returning Senate. We know that Lindsey Graham is returning to the Senate, Lindsey Graham expressed gratitude for a Heavily contested race in which over $200 million was spent to beat him. I've had two calls already one from President.

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