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Known as m b s. Mohammed bin Salman NBS. Of course, he knew. Here's number two as as we all know, it's never the crime. It's the cover up. So what do you do? This is the question that we have to ask ourselves not the emotional set. But us the rational set, let's take a look at a couple of realities just so we're all on the same page now. Maybe you've got one. I haven't thought of Twitter at Tony cats. Let me know, right. I you have the idea of the geopolitical relationships part of the United States wanting to engage a better list of options in the Middle East. Would just say putting down around and keeping Turkey in check. Even though there are NATO nations. Continued eastward looking for air to one who is an authoritarian is a problem. We are going to have to drop them as a NATO nation. And there's going to be a whole conversation about US hardware there. They have a lot of planes and a lot of weaponry from the United States. I think that that's how it's going to go down. If aired one continues to go down this road. So you want Saudi Arabia, and that relationship in order to continue to have possibilities and capabilities in the Middle East. Now, the libertarian maybe screaming, this is why you shouldn't have entanglements with other nations. Okay. Okay. But you you can have friends, and you can have allies. Sometimes the ally is ugly. I am not somebody who is forgiven September eleventh, and I don't believe we were ever strong enough post September eleventh on Saudi Arabia. We never punched anybody in the neck. We never got ugly, and we need and or down and dirty. I should say I think we needed to. I know we need it. But here we are and Saudi Arabia in that relationship matters. Is there an oil conversation? There's always an oil conversation. Let's not kid ourselves. Partially. The conversation is us buying oil prevents Russia and China to very thirsty nations from being able to do. So actually, it's it's Russia that wants to sell more. The all China is buying the oil that it does exist. Don't pretend that somehow dozen don't be like, Tony. That's just a leftist talking point. It's legit. Of course. It's legit. You've gotta ran you've got an oil conversation. You also have an influence conversation if Saudi Arabia doesn't feel a relationship to the United States, they engage their financial influence with other nations, and that could create more terrorism. Tony what you've basically told me is that Saudi Arabia's no friend of the United States. Now, we're onto something because I believe that to be the truth. But I didn't say they were our friend. I said there were they were our ally. We have some of the same basic desires. What you have in Saudi Arabia is a nation that could be much better. But because of their there's Llamas ways, it won't be because of these will harvest it won't be. But they're not the ones who are trying to develop nuclear weapons and blow up and destroy other nations. That's a ran so by definition Iran is public enemy number one. So therefore, you want to have whatever allies you can in order to put that more pressure on to put an end to the regime. That's there. How do you do that? If you then say you killed Jamal Shoghi were no longer selling weapons were dropping our relations with you. And that doesn't help it doesn't help. Now. A Senator Todd young from Indiana is going to be in the studio in the next hour. We're gonna talk about this because he was he was on the show a couple of weeks ago and or just last week, and he was very much throwing fire on the subject. He wants to put an end to the arms down everything else. We're gonna we're go nose to nose on this one. I'm looking forward to it the marine. I wanna hear a where he is on this and what he thinks. But even though I would still go forward with the arms sale. Even though I would still continue the relationship with Saudi Arabia. I started by saying something as clear as day gone back to last week. Mohammed bin Salman is the dumbest man alive, and you simply can't think that no punishment..

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