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Right, quick update nothing crazy. Just want to mention it Victoria F. in Chris Souls, they are done. So Baroque Victoria went on Nick vials podcast to discuss and she's updating your life sheds you know. Iowa not for her, she's not looking to move to Iowa right now Chris's a full-time farmer so. That one is not shocking at all like not at all. Yeah I did not. Think that Victoria F and crystals were gonNA live on forever and they were going to run off to Iowa although there was one point where people saw Victoria F was moving and they were like, Oh my God she moving in with Chris or they taking this next step. I at this point, you know she is still young. She just got off a hot show why not play the field? Why are you going to settle with Chris oils at this point when there's plenty of other people out there today is was the beginning of quarantine y'all got got what somebody I feel like that ended now she's like, let me get back out there. Yeah, exactly. Her dating pool is endless. Just the depths are huge. So she doesn't need to lockdown right now she can. She can date whoever she wants to date and. It just makes. It just makes sense at this would come to an end kind of just a little quarantine fling right? Just a quick update about the situation because what are we gonna go dive into Victoria Crystal is lives at this point we don't really know anything about Chris..

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