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I mean, people are upset that it wasn't sauna, and I kind of, was too, when they skipped fire kinda like pan over the Capanna, penny whom they stopped that brand. I'm like, oh, wait. No keep going keep on going. But do you think about it from, like, I guess, a logical standpoint someone who is unbiased, and all knowing could kind of be the best person to guess, usher, in this new world, just I don't think sounds wanted. Anyway, now she wanted to know if they would have asked her, she would have said, no. And she just said, I want the north of somebody brought up to you the other lords of west rose there. Why don't they all ask for their independence that seems like the best time to doernen, the iron islands Dorn, especially and the iron islands? Nobody cares about. I think out there. Independence but it was it's like a weird independence where they're not independent, but they think they are. It's like giving your kid brother controller. That's not plugged in your independent Dorn was independent for a hundred years, under tar, Gary and rule. I think that once like once Tyrian was being brought out, and they were again there. Panting everybody. I thought we're going to see John Alyssa thought you're gonna like. Like he was getting free. Because in in that interim John had become king. Yes. Me too. I felt like the three week gap was a little jarring. Yeah. Kind of like did they say three weeks I knew time had passed only because beard, basically said a few weeks, I think and things here and said he had a few weeks. Think about things. But it's like the biggest moment like the cap of song of ice and fire just happened. And now it's just what do we do now? And it just felt weird. I think we should have had more time like this should have been an episode epilogue just one brand. Can't see the future. Right. No. He can. Because he saw drug on flying over kings lending, like he doesn't. It's not like he can go pick a pet time into pass and see it. He can't do that for the future. This flashes just gets flashers. He saw servcies med much blows out the setup to south because him saying what do you think I came back here for was very Blyth accusers. Very smart to. Yeah. That line. Or when he spoke we saw we said, when that aired that we had wished we had seen more of that conversation. At least I said it, and I think that, that's a conversation. We needed to see in order because I didn't fully believe that Tyrian would just suddenly be like brand brand is the one who needs to be king. I mean, I'm sure whatever happened in that conversation. Maybe it sold him. So on wavering loyal to narrow since like the end what was just like jump time and they tell you how like what has been going on, and you see weeks. And it was kinda just too much to drop on us. It's like we could have maybe seen that play out. It's like here we are unsullied or holding Kingsland ABC, John interior in prisoner, and the north is surrounding the gates of king's landing, and why don't they kill John right away to give the Justice? They took him prisoner. And well, they didn't want to War, I guess, but his body was also gone. So he had to been, like, yeah, I killed her. Rogue on clean the crime scene forum, and he ratted on himself, and like grey worm is like dictating terms of who they're going to elect their new king. And he's allowing Tyrian to make the speech after telling you don't get to speak here. Just felt very awkward like arts. Big. Go. Create your new governor totally cool. He's like, pick a king tell us what to do with John and Syrian. All right. It's on the Magna Carta. Let's wrap this up. I'm going to Nuff. But also beyond like, okay, Sansa didn't even like she was like, I'm going to become independent rather than voting for my brother to become king. We'll reasons like anyone else have on that council to vote. Brand king none. Which. I think status has reason Sam as reason..

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