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Queen snap decision tight battle the titans battle of the sexes. Everybody loves that right. Everybody loves the girls facing the boys. Here's your opportunity. Back after this apple. Races with steve big on sirius xm radio. There's a great story talent. Pennsylvania only three states have produced more breeders cup champions in no state can match our performance in recent years since two thousand sixteen. Our numbers of mayors bread has skyrocketed unlike the national trend in this year's live whole report shows pennsylvania up over fifty percent why are incentives and bonuses are the best in north america. Please visit us at p. brad dot com and see why. Pennsylvania is the premier place to breed 'em race by in the past decade has equine become the premier equine supplement company in the industry because we spend millions in research and development before we ever put out a product because we only fda supervised facilities to manufacture for us because what we say is in them is in them because they work.

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