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On this twenty four th day of October six minutes past the hour and President Trump will get a briefing this afternoon by US officials returning from Turkey and Saudi Arabia. They are looking into the killing of journalist Jamal kashogi by Saudi agents. President Trump called the killing a total fiasco and says Saudi Arabia never should have thought about killing the Washington Post contributor saying quote, once they thought about it everything else. They did was too bad. Was bad to excuse me. President Trump repeating the denials by Saudi Crown prince Mohammad bin Salman that. He knew of the plot before it was carried out. Meanwhile, senators are urging the Trump administration to make an agreement with Mexico that would stop some of the seven thousand people travelling north from crossing the border Republicans Chuck Grassley, Mike Lee at third party agreement would require those asking for asylum to do so in their first country of arrival most in the caravan from Honduras and other Central American countries have said they're coming to the US to seek a better life, which wouldn't qualify them for asylum under US laws charges of voter suppression in counterclaims of encouraging illegal voting dominated the first debate between Democrats Abrahams and Republican Brian camp in the race for Georgia governor disputes over voting access took center stage Tuesday evenings debate, highlighting Abrahams historic bid to become the first black female governor in American history. Mr. Kemp secretary. States since twenty ten can you stand here tonight and say as overseer of our states elections, there is no attempt on your part or your campaigns part to suppress the minority vote that would likely benefit a minority candidate who you are in a statistical dead heat. According to recent polls, absolutely not and and voters should look at the numbers in this is all a distraction to take away from miss Abrams, the extreme agenda that she has. And this farce about voter suppression people being held up from being on the roles and being able to vote is absolutely not true. Anyone who is meets the requirements. That's on the pending list. All they have to do is do the same thing that you and I have to go to your polling location show. Your government I d in you can vote I only believe that those who have the legal eligibility to vote should cast a ballot. But I also understand that under under secretary. Kemp more. People have lost the right to vote in the state of Georgia. They've been purged. They've been surpassed. And they've been scared. This is a man who had someone arrested for helping her blind father cast a ballot. He raided the offices of organizations to stop them from registering voters that type of voter suppression feeds the narrative because suppression isn't only about blocking the vote is also about creating an atmosphere of fear making people worried that their votes won't count camp fired back citing a recent video clip in which Abrahams seem to say that undocumented immigrants were part of her coalition. She denied the allegation saying camp was twisting our words and a record of fighting to make it easier for legal citizens devote, how Wisconsin sheriff says some items were found during a search for clues into the disappearance of a thirteen year old girl whose parents were killed but they're still being assessed. And don't seem to be linked to the case, Barron county sheriff Chris FitzGerald says he will update the media on the investigation today yesterday, he thanked the two thousand volunteers who spent the day. Walking through marshes wooded areas and fields looking for anything that might lead to.

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