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Costa Bobby Knight, Bush Mcrae, Basketball discussed on Mark Levin


There you go. Say more that heart. Turn it into the Bush McRae show. Hey, yeah. Butch was a good player. Very good. Very good. That'd be fun talking about making that movie. I'll be she played with shack there and some other guys. And then just the the coaches they brought in to to SABA, and and do that that had to be a unique experience. It was so much fun. It was an opportunity to work with Nick Nolte who was unbelievable actor eight O'neil alfre Woodard and beyond on a set where they allowed us to play real basketball, the only acting in the entire movie was besides my favorite scene of me in coach not. But with the basketball side was the lob the through shack at the end but other than that just allowed us to play freely. There was a far movie all summer. Pretty much. This team's gonna win. This team's gonna lose in the scene. But whatever you want to do in between go it. Yeah. Absolutely. I I remember the last scene of the movie we were Costa Bobby Knight was the coach of the other team. We were playing Indiana. And we through the law and the guy was filming and goes, Bobby Knight muck the playoff on purpose. I said I just want to let you know that you couldn't score on me. Now, you can score. What was that experience? Like getting to meet Bobby Knight in person way, wait from the game. A little bit cold tonight is an interesting guy. He was he was nice. But just very he's an intense guy. Yes. Yes. But a nice guy that was beyond gay perspective. I I did a see Bank. Put some striving.

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