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To the gray young actor josh wiggins on advance to the update though jay berman mm split all right scotty will start with the football week six already eagles and panthers in the third quarter to surely we go here's kevin casey kidding okay eight eight minutes to go in the third quarter and the philadelphia eagles have just hit a field goal so now let's make it only one to thirteen and philadelphia with a couple of putts down both up there leather turnovers they both resulted carson went to touchdown passes to zakho earth and bad news for the panthers allpro linebacker loop equally being evaluated four concussion nato through to go third quarter philadelphia 21 carolina 13th kevin thanks very much meanwhile we have other news from the nfl a c kiel elliot back in the news of federal appeals court cleared the way for the lead to impose that sixgame suspension on elliott over domestic violence allegations so as of now he's bang for the next six games meanwhile giants quarterback dominique rogers cromartie he's been notified he's been suspended in definitely elsewhere the rams have agreed to terms at a four year contract extension with linebacker alec ogle tree by college football tonight louisiana lafayette has how gone they beat texas state twenty four to seven all right the baseball we go nationally division series game number five a decisive game five the winner will face the dodgers in the championship series and we move at the sixth dating slowmoving game tonight and the cubs lead the nationals 74 daniel mercy and michael taylor hit home runs in the same getting that gave the nats a four one advantage put the cubs had scored six straight including four awful match sure jrue came into the fifthinning again we've moved at the six and the cubs lead the nationals seven to four hockey third period predators lead the stars three to one also in the third wild in front of the blackhawks onenothing first period redwings in coyotes are scoreless in the first period jets and can knocks tied at one panthers beat the blues five two lightning over the penguins five four i'm jay berman listen to i on college football with rich ackerman every saturday afternoon on cbs sports radio formal cbs sports radio.

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