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Let's we give millions of working people and young people. A reason to vote former HUD secretary Julio Castro also appeal to the progressive bent of these party activists. He was well received he told KCBS afterward, he's about to lay out the first police reform proposal of any candidate in this campaign, these videos that we keep seeing over and over and over again, off police violence or mistreatment, especially of young black men. He's not an accident and it's not a case of just a few bad apples. The system is broken. We need to fix it. The delegates also heard from their newly elected chairman rusty Hicks in LA labor leader, who defeated East Bay. Progressive Kimberly Ellis to help steer the party towards stability after the scandalous resignation of chair. Eric Baumann amid accusations of sexual harassment. I must go any center in San Francisco. Doug sovereign KCBS. Teacher's strike in union city, and Hayward will enter its third week tomorrow as negotiators for the New Haven unified school district go over new proposal from the teacher's union. The Union's negotiating team today came down to six percent increase retroactive three percent raise in another three percent raise for the next year starting on July. First the union originally wanted ten percent over two years district officials have not given a public response to the offer the strike is affecting dozen schools in union city and Hayward. And there's concern the impasse could hurt high school seniors who are scheduled to take finals this week. The Fremont fire department is working to extinguish a blaze on an abandoned railroad.

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