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Advice. You can use your life today something he should now with mike carruthers welcome to something. You should know die bright in because this this subject interest me a lot. Have you ever been reluctant. I didn't ask for help. I know i have and i'm not sure why i for fear of looking weak or stupid or incompetent. People are often afraid to ask for help or advice for fear of appearing that way but it turns out. This is so interesting. It turns out that it's it's just the opposite. A study in the journal management science found that participants rated others as more competent when they ask for help nope this was especially true when the task was difficult in general people who seek advice from others are perceived to be more or competent than those who don't and interestingly admitting that something was your fault is an effective way to build trust. Even i know people think it does just the opposite people are more attracted to people who appear human and less than perfect and that is something you you should know so much of our lives are governed by probability. Will the weather be goodwill. The traffic traffic be bad. Will you win or lose it a game. Will you get the job you applied for probability and to some degree chance play a role role in so many aspects of our lives..

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