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Exercisers everything from smoother workout starts to better data in order to increase jim attendance more from wall street journal reporter rachel bachman rachel what's up at the gym or whatever glenda's kim in dad generally kim don't really know what you do what you show up strange but there really is no way to tell you quite up her personal trainer cloud at they want cabinet more to about what you're doing to they can an keep you coming back me in need one of the things that probably the biggest nude got the apple watch out in the coming to nepal is going to have a thakur upgrade that will let people think they're apple watch to hold flew of cardio equipment co blake tried both think like that most major brand and down that will let people walk away with all the work out data where now there's a patchwork of dum mutuc smartphone apposite to our up put the right brand looked aligned it's about the dumb generally but people don't like to stand there the tried bellido patrick in their weight and aid things like that it is it is really a much more smooth way to go if you happen apple joaquim narisoa what else is there were equal rolling out a couple of interesting thing new york paved luxury help club although they have location the down around the country the world they're attempting a cap on new members and what do the centrally stimulate text message conversation on smartphone to that with new members and the idea is to do we have to have a book told me lated human conversation we attacked with the cia pot and the the pot will get you to cut gold and and you know how it happened on the camera other reasons why you're going there and so on and the baht will actually prop q appear not showing up at out you how it can help and things like that and and they planted unsure about a mud at every location new members and they knew new to opt in the jackpot are showing up twenty percent more that no to opt out which which sort of interesting it's a short tout but it's very intriguing wow future you have wall street journal reporter rachel bachman she writes about exercising her piece.

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