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Sleet alto back. Dj stewart three. Shohei ohtani for the orioles about that. And they came back. They were down six to the game. That the shohei ohtani. Yeah especially after nine the previous game. He pitched thing ninety pitches and had an eight inning gem. Yeah and had a lead to lead leading this game. They wanted to winning play there. The chris attleboro no. It's not a kid. No it's orioles. Radio was in the system but it sounds like a adolescent. No it did not that anybody else pick a female. Oh that's all. I'm pretty sure. Yeah bitch own. Stewart swing getting back and it's gone. Dj stewart three runs off of shohei. Ohtani this evening. Okay all right. i'm pretty sure. So yeah there you go. So they snapped a nineteen game losing streak with that win Jets defensive end vinny curry diagnosed last month with a rare blood disorder that required the removal of his spleen. He will miss the entire season but he said in a statement. He is expected to make a full recovery and does plan to return next year. I also speaking returning the jets. Higher matt cavenaugh back as senior offensive assistant now. The giants open with the broncos week one. We now know that. The broncos quarterback will be teddy. Bridgewater excited Just another opportunity for me to grow in this grow. As part as long as -ation mall he will get the start. Drew lock has got to be like livid has to be living. There's are some has been known teddy bridgewater. I mean i would think must have been some kind of competition while i'm saying that was all you know those probably the one team in a league where you weren't sure what they're going to go with their young guy or were they gonna go with the older guy that they brought in you know for whatever reason they're going with teddy but if you're drew lock this morning you're probably pretty ticked off but again like i always say son who's starting to seize them because teddy started the season last year of course carolina. Panthers didn't want him anymore. He f- terrible so Drew lock can be sitting there and you know maybe maybe he'll take over. Eventually bridgewater was so bad. Last year they went out and got sam darnold. Yeah that's true. That is true. Who will start. i do believe jaguars head coach. Urban meyer says yes. Trevor lawrence will be their week. One starter Former giants offensive lineman luke. Pettigrew was arrested at a restaurant in miami early sunday morning after a fistfight with the wait staff that led to his friend pulling a gun on them. That's not good and This friend pulled a gun. He didn't but he was part of it. He was arrested. It's always said. I would've never thought that i'd hear that name again. He's had his problems. Haddish's luke pedagogy and fight with the waitstaff with this for you. Everson griffen says kirk cousins is ass and now he's apologizing. He's back in minnesota. Stick to your guns. they're band. Everybody knows he's ass consensus unbelievable guy's ass on the field off the field. Ask wait a minute. They went down and beaten orleans in a playoff game. And you were like giddy over the whole thing yeah. I know that there was one one moment. He had a couple nice throws there but they beat up on your beat a couple unbelievable. I mean as jerry said he is some shade of ass eker. I'd say in relation to him. 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There's just there's a story beyond that. I understand that a quarterback supposed to be a leader quarterback needs to be popular within his locker room and get the antibac- thing and the whole thing that that may be unpopular and i think there was a level of truth to what everson griffen did tweet last year. What he left minnesota about him being asked right exactly. I understand i get it. So i understand. That's where you're coming from as well. But i would also tell their defense sucked last year. It was really bad. Yeah they lost alvin. Kick cook the year before that but when you look at the three years at kirk cousins has been there. You know he. He won thirty and ten. Twenty six and six thirty five and thirteen in three years is a touchdown interception ratio and threw for over four thousand yards. Two of those three years. I mean i. I don numbers wise. I is aaron rodgers. Patrick mahomes josh. Allen drew brees when juries is playing ben rothlisberger. I'm not saying he's in that class you like that. I'd like that. But i do like him. And i think you know in a in a quarterback driven league where there is a dearth of depth at quarterback. There's a lot of first line. Guys that are good. I would tell you he is a guy that you know offense coordinator call plays get the right play called get the right formation called. Get all the right personnel on the field. All of that part of the game. He's an asset. This is just one of those things. We've got different perspective. You're right so when you're a fan of a team it's never won a super bowl and there's been disappointment after disappointment. You look at this guy and you say he's not the one he's not the one going to do it now. I gotta wait year in watching be slightly above average and then talk about is touchdown to interception ratio which is all hunky dory. He's not gonna win the super bowl for this team dory door by the way. I do have a gift from you from the boys over engine. Seven ladder one the f. d. n. y. Went over there. Spent the day with them yesterday with our hometown. Hero deal with sherwin williams nice and they gave me a hat for you. I didn't want this hat. I'll give you this hat. Oh you didn't talk on getting. I'm getting seven. oh look at that. That's really really not that. I have anything against latter one. Yeah wanted to hat with number seven on seven. I'm going to put a right here right ladder. One.

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