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They've been there a long time and had a defense to set up and they knew just where to put machine guns and their tanks in it. And anyway, the Kris kross firing would run across a hedgerow to hedgerow and the German shooting like crazy at it. And I'd see men dropping on one side of me and the other, and I knew the Germans were Kris kross in their fire, but why didn't they hit me? I was very fortunate. So on this one occasion we got to a hedgerow and we'd gone through it and I carried a Thompson submachine gun and a 45. I know. Well, when we got through this hedge roll, which got the Germans pushed back to the next hedge roll. And as I just came to the top of the hedge roll, I just glanced and there was a German lady going to slip trench there. And he had his rifle alongside him, but he would look the other way. When I saw him, he saw me, my gun jammed. So of course you always carried a knife in our boots, so I took the knife and cut his throat. And that's how close it was. Another occasion I had, we were coming through hedgerow and the growth of pretty thick at the top and had just got or maybe from here to that doorway from an German popped up and he had his gun in his hand, but he had got tangled in grapevines or something in there. And again, my gun misfired, so I had taken down beam to death with the butt of my gun. So it was that kind of fighting. And very savvy. You know what? Very gruesome and what you say. The breakout from Normandy would come in early July. But Henry Lang rare was not around to see it. By then, he had been captured by the Germans and taken prisoner..

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