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Back to the daily DC. I'm David chalian CNN political director, I'm joined on the line from Capitol Hill by my colleague, Phil Mattingly, C N N's congressional correspondent Phil now that the election night returns are are in or for the most part, and we know that the Democrats are going to control the house of representatives and be in the majority. There is Nancy Pelosi assured to be the next speaker of the house. No, she's not assured to be the next speaker of the house. I would be stunned if she's not the next speaker of the house, so. The numbers right now don't necessarily add up when you look at what people said on the campaign trail, the democratic challengers who ended up winning who said they would not support her candidacy or wanted leadership change or whatever other wishy washy away, they attempted not to answer the question of whether you support Nancy Pelosi as speaker, if you take the majority add that up to the group current members that want leadership changes as well. Would look rather tenuous for Nancy Pelosi's prospects, I would say that I'm not talking to any senior democrat or plugged in democratic consultant who sees anybody else's speaker. And part of that is the fact that nobody else has stepped up the other part is if somebody steps up where is their base of support. And so I think that's why Nancy Pelosi is just by far the clear odds on favourite. You know, we're we're going to have to watch this play out. The interesting element is a lot of people are some of the people that you would think might mount mount to challenge or perhaps have connections to the caucuses in groups that would create problems if they split away from Nancy Pelosi have thrown their hats in for lower level leadership positions, which might. Actually help clear the path forward we still need to figure out where the numbers are. And I would say that sodas speaker Pelosi she sent out her letter last night officially asking for people's votes. There's a conference call with new members and current members supposed to happen. I think four thirty or five on Thursday, maybe something will start to become more clear, then but look intil there's somebody else who steps up and until that other person can prove that not only their challenger. But there are challenger that can get somewhere near a majority of the caucus. There's just no one else at this point. And so take me through below Pelosi. How the other leadership positions when you go into the majority. You get an extra leadership slot. And and so how are the battles for the other leadership positions taking shape? So right now, the actual the the senior crew of the leadership actually seems rather intact Siniora's made clear he's running for majority leader at this point. Nobody else has stepped up to challenge him, which is interesting to me. I I've long had lots of conversations with people who work in this space. On the staff side who have long pegged, Steny Hoyer. Not Nancy Pelosi is the one who might be most vulnerable to a fall, or at least most vulnerable to a challenge that hasn't happened yet. I think the most interesting battles. As is often the case when I when a party takes a majority is where are the younger members going to have opportunities younger members people like came for Jefferies threw his hat in the ring for a spot today. It's conference chair vice conference chair, these aren't the huge kind of spotlight positions. But these are positions that set up not just a prominent voice in the next congress but start laying the groundwork for who's coming next..

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