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Gates years Mister Turner are traveling in the district's southbound DC two ninety five all traffic diverted diverted to go west on east capitol street that as a result of a police and action between east capitol street and Pennsylvania Avenue so no traffic gets beyond east capitol street south on DEC two ninety five northbound lanes are open now if you're traveling on the beltway and Virginia artificial person passed Vandoorne street single file left get you by the paving project in a loop as you approach an past New Hampshire Avenue in Montgomery County headed toward the prince George's line work some blocks the right lane as well as the on ramp from northbound I. do Hampshire Avenue to the inner loop ramp from northbound New Hampshire Avenue to the absolute that does remain open ninety five north bound approaching one seventy five in Howard County where some blocks left lane for southbound you're in good shape getting doubts about when College Park no issues on Baltimore Washington parkway inside or outside the beltway two seventy north and north of I. three seventy two left lanes in the main line gets past the work zone southbound as you approach route one twenty one Clarksburg again approaching Montgomery village Avenue in each case you're down to a single right lane to those work zones ninety five north found as you head north of center for park we have towards each six thirty Stafford X. one forty eventually the other one singling to right past the paving delays have eased somewhat but still much slower than you would expect at this hour if you're traveling eastbound I. sixty six headed east of Nutley street toward the bow wave or the working on the bridge over on C. at the cedar lane bridge over top the sixty six it appears to have stopped traffic and that works on once they do stop traffic they will hold it for as long as twenty minutes as a result Richard WTF you traffic storm team for continuing to track the heat after a very hot day on our Wednesday even record breaking we saw high temperature of ninety five degrees.

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