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President is on trial again. I'm Dave Anthony Foxx. New is. Senators will decide on the one true question is Donald Trump guilty? That's majority leader Chuck Schumer. House Democrats who will prosecute of the impeachment trial will argue He is the former president incited last month's deadly Capitol attack. The Trump legal team calls it political theater, saying he never called for violence. Some legal team has said since the former president is now a private citizen. The article of impeachment must be dismissed House Democrats site previous impeachments after an official left office. Each side is also afforded up to 16 hours to make their impeachment case before senators are allowed to ask questions. Potentially request witnesses and deliberate. Fox's Jared help, and sources are telling Fox that Biden administration wants to shift the acting U. S attorney for Washington D C to a special prosecutor type role to continue overseeing the capital Riot investigation there been more than 100 arrests. 14 weeks after Election Day, It's finally over the last house race. Finally called in New York, where Fox is Tony J. Powers is live a former congressman Anthony bring dizzy, a Democrat, conceded on Monday to Republican Claudia Tenney putting an end to months of tabulations. Last week in New York State Supreme Court Justice ordered all eight counties in that district to certify the results, which had Tenney winning by 109 votes bring Dizzy had been expected to appeal but instead called technique to concede, saying he would end a call for hand recount of ballots. Tiny's win gives the GOP a net gain of 12 seats in last year's election, Dave Only the water's safe in Pinellas County, Florida that's for the sheriff just said after his scare, the computer hacker attempted to add dangerous levels of a toxic substance and operator at the plant noticed the change and reduce the amount of the chemical as Fox is rich tennis in the FBI and the Secret Service have joined in the investigation. America's listening to Fox News George is talking to you. Do you any good morning from the access Wdun Hardy, Chevrolet Newsroom and B. J. Williams. The Georgia ports authorities. Newest inland port was supposed to be ready for service this year in Gainesville, Butthole County has run into a little glitch, acquiring all the property they were instructed to acquire by the state. That includes four parcels in the East Hall area along White sulfur road that property the future site of one of the entrances into the 104 acre complex. And at this point, we.

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