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Getting her in love feeling wrecked by the end of love but despite you pay and you suffering you're waste somehow maintain that fully he never give up you never stopped believing up to me ties to be an evertonian some ivan goods to be true fan of any sport but i think even the greatest teams how i'm a carolina basketball fan go tar heels and that that a team that's supposed always be at the top and sometimes it's funny because i watched them when a national championship this year i watch them lose it last year and of course i follow up better this year but in the end it still the same and you say well i have to wait another for five months winning sometimes harder to lose that through through so i mean i don't know but identified immediately with that team because they didn't seem to i dunno have this clear ego anybody had a really clear ego about them and they just they seem like a hardworking team that you've gotten impact the lyrics a little dream up one of my favorite future islands tracks when i was just a child a lonely boy held onto my dreams light they could run from may the hoops on harboured flat as they often day but i still dreamed of gave that pre one sums up my whole football fund the my entire relationship with everton has been of them but they you'll lyrics but clue tape baltimore you who town now at long maintained.

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