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Can they beat the box or the Milwaukee just such an overwhelming favourite to come out of the east now? Hottest tough. I don't want to be a prisoner at the moment. Right. But you're watching Janas, you know, onto Toco, and it was it was that was the question not presented to rip Hamilton who we had on in the last segment was he had to play against a similar kind of, you know, stature of a guy in LeBron James like LeBron scored I forgot about that twenty phrase's twenty five consecutive points. And it was just LeBron James beating the basically Detroit Pistons by himself just dragging the Cleveland Cavaliers to the NBA final in maybe a finals in basically got swept by San Antonio. And I feel like we're going down a similar path. But this time is different because John is bringing this team on his back, and he gets to a NBA finals vs warriors rockets nuggets or Spurs, man. That's I I'm not. I've been a prisoner of a moment. But I really feel that Jonathan their team and building hosmer has done a great job. John, really? It was to apply. I remember last year. I had a chance to see them. This is Jason Kidd is the head coach night before the NFC championship game. Okay in Philadelphia. And I watched the seventy Sixers up close and watched no Janas didn't play that night. But you're like man, they got some players they got some untapped potential. An S book coaches can do they get the most out of guys who are your role players and Janas has some great role players run that I feel I he doesn't always have to be at his best. He's not shooting three pointers. He's driving to the basket. So to me, I think that they're the favorites. Obviously, they're the one seed they're the favorites. And I don't I don't know if Toronto is really what's resulted a poll question, by the way. Can we get to that real quick? Yeah. Sure. Poll question today. Guys, look at it. If Kevin Durant out who's the favorite to win the title through the warriors on there. Of course, the bucks. Now, they're in the Eastern Conference finals and the field bucks lead the way forty two percent while warriors thirty two percent field. You know, everybody else twenty eight oh, man. Get ready for a lot of what is snap shots cameos of Aaron Rodgers, right? Yeah. Right. I mean, he's at every game. He's a minority owner minority owner. So let's get ready to see a lot of Aaron Rodgers everybody. I think it's cool throughout history. There's always been a moment..

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