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Nine if you are in Lonsdale one mile west of one's Dale Minnesota nineteen a crash from Jackson street to Panama Avenue you can borrow those five a witness news forecast highs seventy five down to fifty five tonight partly cloudy today it is sixty six right now a light formally known as American refugee committee creating full meaningful lives for in with displaced people treating everyone with dignity and respect find a big problems in ways that are deeply personal and human you can learn more at we are a light dot the work. up to the minute entertainment news try under alert at the top of every hour plus extended dirt alerts at eight twenty and twelve twenty with Elizabeth Reese and at five twenty with Holly Roberts on my talk one oh seven one everything entertainment. welcome back everybody Jason and Alexis in the morning on my talk one of seven one six twenty. Hey kids up before gets don all of you little you little young and. little Joe Alexis young is listening to us on your way to school yeah don't forget a good reminder if you.

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