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But i will say one thing about 1968 because this was very fascinating and it had ramifications well beyond that year will into the future and it was on abc abc was covering the dimension as were the other two networks we had three in those days abc nbc cbs abc hired i think was abc if i'm wrong so many you know right mean let me know but abc had hired gore vidal and william f buckley to debate nightly or maybe it was every other night i'm not sure and it was some of the greatest television you've ever seen in your life and it was also epic and his but you know historymaking and it was tragic it was everything i saw this documentary on the gore vidal william f buckley 1968 convention debates there on tv and as i said uh i guess a symptom appreciate audience media so to you guys but it was a time when might my father's a registered republican he push himself away from the dinner table i think about a told uni say well i'm going to go and watch these jackass is tell themselves apart maha you know go off to the tv he off to his daddy chaired sit down and what's the democratic convention he was watching these quote unquote jack assesor probably said astle's tear themselves apart so it was a it was great fun for republicans to watch the democrats rippin themselves to shreds in chicago.

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