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I wanted to breastfeed. And i think i hadn't about analogies where also i needed to do that on my own paw than i ended up Of people off and daily with on my own that as completely not the right thing to do and anyone listen that goes by that reach out to someone else. Maybe get support from somewhere else whether that be your visa. Terrible don't narrow among group online or something but yeah it definitely locking. Everyone out is not the right thing to do now by but can't going like you said it's persistence. Because if you've got that feeling it goes back again to honesty and gut instinct. You have to hammer home. And if you look at the journey that you and i had with our baby's feeding it has been we've kind of had everything robbing you. You had reflects allergies tongue. Tie you so much that has made it safe. And then you go through phases where they refuse to feed and then they won't feed again and it's it is a complete rollercoaster the feeding journey of it. And what about the routine. That's talk about about routines as a parent. I mean there are different ways that you can address this aunt year. 'cause i guess expense for about the i always go to you when i need just to check out a bit about a routine. What are your opinions on. Keeping babies keeping up schedules and things for me again ovalles different lives differ among the different is our loved it associates. He aiko these things diagnosed we move. Forward i stipe in a routine basic routine in place which was like it was i think side three nazis mad. How quickly forget and three naps in. The died got reduced to and now. We're on one. But i think now he's older and i know he can sleep through the night and i want more of a lie and i'm a bit more. I've got Relaxed with it. Because i was. I won't so if we go out for the day and he sleeps foods five minutes on the way to the zoo boots farmers in the way. I'm then i'm like right. He's he's not. He's not set two hours in his co. home. But that's okay. And i'm okay with it and he's still sleeping through the night so i suppose he's finding that balance if you will by the needs that now that's only two hours in the middle of the day you might walk and you may be revoked your life a little bit differently around that so that can happen. I think you just fine. What works for you and Environments fine with doing that. So i've had to relax it eligible but generally rianne niece i about a view. I need to relax but you have to say is the way you were and we ruled in so some people have never even put enough routine and that by of slept for two months. You know those people that we one of my friends. she's amazing. i love to peace. Baby slept from seven weeks. I'm my friend something from a couple of weeks by. I was like no. You're next wouldn't have been saying. Oh the second one did as well it was like. Oh this several fast go by is different. You just have to find what works being and as roma gibson sleep for the diane is not poss- five o'clock the dame the danger zone cycle that. Oh yeah pretty much sleep for the nine next is a pumpkin might or something. Yeah exactly and id fill out before becoming a parent. Nobody actually discussed t- thing with me. Because i haven't been around many babies. My niece's don't live that close to me. I just was oblivious to the fact that tv kicks in once he to start nailing a routine. Getting naps a little bit longer than they start. Teething in it throws off again. There's so many things that come up. And what would you say. Now i think are the key skills that you've learned being a parent. Things are really helpful. The have changed you. I guess from the lucy before roman than the lucy with roman. I think that you have to. Oh what am i. What pounds you hacking. You have to see how babies and nothing set in with the by visit. Because if they're not feeling well you realize today. We're just having a downside. Bah snuggling feeds cartoons or disney film. And then you just have to realize that you have to get used to multitasking. And doing things. I would love to be spurs and a thousand things at the same time but also he have to money joe time so differently before. I'm doing my lions. I'm not gonna lie. I miss my life. Sunday's malayan and it kind of doesn't happen anymore. And i think you and your partner become the ultimate team. Don't you and you have to multitask everything. And and but yeah. Eighty two completely different lifestyle. Let's face it yet. I have huge respect for single parents out. There often going through a free designed to identify how they do it. There will sepa heroes because things constantly change like you said. There's no way that we can predict what's going to actually happen. And you run a business so you also businesswoman. I'm mom you've got multiple hats at the moment you know you shoot incredible gorgeous campaigns companies..

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