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Across the roadway, and unfortunately, you're going to be dealing with this closure for sometimes avoidance M Street, Wisconsin Avenue in northwest with the water Main Break Benning Road. Near 42nd Street, North east to crash in the intersection. You are under direction. West banned or inbound Pennsylvania Avenue had 13th Street Northwest. Sounds like an accident may have only have one lane getting by Now we're quiet. Getting to the district on D C. Tu 95 I tu 95 riding across the freeway. Third Street Tunnel is good New York Avenue's off to a good start. You will find it quiet in Maryland so far to 70 south coming out of Frederick. We're good to go between the Beltway's on 95 in the BW Parkway, a cyclist was struck in Laurel on Route one up near Whiskey Bottom road, which is just north of that intersection near country Meadows Lane. If they're still there, watch for police direction. Our troubles in Virginia Arlington Glib Road South has blocked at Columbia Pike dealing with a crash and an overturned vehicle triangle accident. 95 main line North bound before exit 1 50. Everything's over on the right shoulder. Now, 3 95 looks good at the Springfield north to the 14th, the Beltway's good and quiet between Alexandria and McLane so far off to a good start, no worries on the greenway or the toll road headed toward for 95 inside the Beltway. Riding toward Falls Church, Aerojet Rocketdyne is advancing defense propulsion to meet the extended range speed and Lee Felony needs of tomorrow. Learn how Arrow jet rocket down his moving defense faster and farther, first at rocket dot com Jack Taylor w T o p traffic of a rainy morning in some parts. Matt Ritter what's in our forecast? We've got a lot of varying conditions across the area job because of the cold front moving through the area right now. Indeed, there are is some rain in some parts of the listening area, mostly.

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