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A minute of the national championship. The next year. We were two in fourteen. Eighteen hundred eighteen but due to and fourteen. That's it's miserable. Reporters a big twelve media days. Try to get something out of West Virginia. Head coach Bob Huggins will your style of play defensively change. Are you still got a press a lot or you did able to figure out whether you're going to be able to do that? We're going to try to do it for not more than forty minutes. Thank about that. Robert Morris picked fifth in the NFC. Saint Francis picked to win at game two of the World Series. Hyun Jin Ryu against David price at eight Jeff Hathor, NewsRadio ten twenty K sports. What makes sense to you on this whole Peterson talk with this idea trade, maybe trade players from the Steelers wanting him to come here talk about the patriots. And maybe even the eagles trying to work out a deal. And now he's saying no he just committed to staying in. Arizona say I think it makes sense for the Steelers do everything they can to get him. But you don't know what the asking price is. It may be so high that it's just not worth it. But I think it's worth going after much like the penguins have done in years past they've gone for it. And I think the Steelers their window is now I'd want to see them go for it. But he saying he wants to stay what what should we read into that? I don't know it could be him just saying that because he knows he's gonna get traded. And that way he looks great in front of the fans because hey, I wanted to stay, but they traded me, and it's out of my control. Interesting. Jeff thorns sports. We'll check your money coming up with Tillotson in just a moment. Job candidates. Who are also the right fit try glass door.

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